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Children Being Abused In Public

Updated on November 13, 2010

How Far Would You Go To Proect That Face? Would It Matter If It Was A Boy Or Girl?


Where Do You Draw The Line?

Where do you draw the line and say something, or do you? If they’re in a store should the retailers security get involved? Or has it come to a point where nobody wants to get involved anymore? Are we afraid and if so of what? Or does the fact that everybody has a different outlook as to the line between discipline and abuse stop us.

I normally would try not to write about something like this but to tell you the truth the idea that this happens everyday without anything being done scares the crap out of me and it should you too.

Who Gets Involved and At What Point?

I was out shopping the other day (normally one of my favorite things) standing in line at the customer service desk when the lady (two in front of me) looks over at a child (probably around 10 I’m going to guess) and screams “I told you to shut the hell up and sit there”. I thought it was a little much but hey I wasn’t there in the beginning so no big deal until she finishes at the desk. I had kind of taken a step back (as did everyone) when she started yelling I guess because it shocked us. Well after she finished at the desk she hollered at him to come on and as he approached her on the side she flew her arm around and took a swing at him. I just kind of stood there in shock as she missed only because he ducked and ran sideways and off they went. I went WOW and turned back around as the lady in front of me stated “You should have seen her when she nailed him upside the head with her wallet”, What? Are you kidding me? “No” the other woman in line stated and more than once. So as usual I opened my big mouth and said “Did anybody say anything?” and the answer was “No” but then I listened as to why and kind of understood.

The apparent mother of the child was pretty intense looking for lack of a better term and had I’m going to assume a friend with her and to think that she would come at them physically could have been a distinct possibility.  I don’t think that would have been a good idea for either of them, but then I looked over at the end of the desk and there was one of the employees who had been watching apparently the whole time.  I couldn’t help but wonder why she didn’t call security or someone. Again, I don’t know if they were afraid of her physically attacking them, but the long and short of it is nobody did anything. . I didn’t because I didn’t see anything, they didn’t for whatever reason To tell you the truth both times bothers me now because I figure if she will do that in public what is it like at home.  

Where Is The Line Between Discipline and Abuse

Now I’m just kind of baffled as to how this can go on and nobody does anything or was there anything done to do something about?
I mean really where do we draw the line and step up?

I used to work for a resort company in Orlando and one of the employees while in line at the buffet noticed a young girl was having troubled reaching something and helped her. She couldn’t help notice under her baggy outfit how extremely underweight she was and reported it to our security dept. As it turned out her brother was in the car in worse shape than she was and they had both been locked in a closet for months. They found the parent and her partner, charged them, and took them away which made everybody’s day. But what if it had turned out that the child was sick and not being abused? Obviously, thank God the employee didn’t think that or who knows what would have happened.

The lady at the store in front of me turned out to be a teacher and said that retailers should post a sign at every entrance that abuse will not be tolerated inside or outside of the store. I thought that was an incredible idea and added that they should state they would use any video footage to help in prosecution. But is that going to far?

So I’m going to ask, where do you draw the line between discipline and abuse?  Then if you see it when do you get involved and if you do, to what degree?


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