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components of change

Updated on November 28, 2012

Try Change



I need a change but my understanding about the components of change makes all the difference. The initiator of change is your thoughts and decision. What then is decision: is the conclusion after a consideration of a matter and lives are rule by it. Decision acts as the source of both problem and incredible joy and opportunities. This is the power that sparks the process of turning the invisible into the visible. In fact, it is your decision that will turn your dreams into reality.

The most exiting thing about this force and power is that you already possess it. Each and every one of us is a great and powerful being made by God. And God has put a lot of potentials and treasures within us. I believe our ability to harness this resources is what differentiate the poor from the rich, the successful from the unsuccessful, the powerful from the powerless. It might interest you to know that where you are today is as the result of your decision(s). Before you begin to talk about the end result, you should talk about the how: you should ask and know the factors and components that make the end result. For an instance before the money, there is the decisions, there is the great ideas and there is the how to apply it, then the cash is rolled out.

Never you look down on yourself or condemn yourself for you’re a great product of a great God. One of the reasons why you have missed it, is that the great potentials and treasures that God has embedded in you appeared in disguised form, they look like something immaterial, so many times don’t make sense to the ordinary, but they’re the things that make the great, great. And some of these treasures may appear in this form: creative thinking, good decisions, and application of good ideas, hard work, humility, accepting change, accepting challenge, commitment, diligence, and sacrifices (paying the prize). These are not bought in the markets, they’re within you. And you can easily develop it.

Many people attempt change with a sense of fear and dread because unconsciously they believe the change will only be temporary. Pessimistic approach over sensitive issue of life makes one all round failure. The truth is, for changes to be of any true value, they got to be lasting and consistent. Thomas Edison said, “I am not discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward”. My advice, let’s know what we want in life and put it in the thermometer of God: then let’s pursue it with vigor, not taken no for an answer, and breakthrough will be evidence.

The truth of the matter is that there’s nothing you cannot accomplish in life if

1. You clearly decide what it is that you’re absolutely committed to achieve.

2. You are willing to take massive action.

3. You notice what’s working or not.

4. You continue to change your approach until you achieve what you want achieve.

Diligently apply this life changing principles with gross amount of commitment and patience today and experience a turnaround in your life and destiny.


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