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Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Updated on March 20, 2019
Lee Hansen profile image

Lee is a life long crafts enthusiast and designer of paper crafts, fiber arts and adult coloring pages. Visit her websites (info on profile)

Rainbow Craft Art Activities With ROY G BIV

Kids love rainbows and kids love crafts. Combine the two and you get activity-filled hours of fun and smiles all around.

My love for rainbow arts and crafts has no limits - from fabric crafts like sewing and tie dye to paper crafts of all sorts. My children and grandkids love rainbows too, so I'm always on the lookout for unique color-related learning activities with a spectrum theme. Enjoy these easy and inexpensive rainbow crafts for kids specially selected for preschool age children.

Photo credit: jeltovski from

Recycle Rainbow Crafts - Use up and reuse stuff from around the house and have fun

Our family is big on crafts and we've always recycled so we have a huge supply of "stuff" to make things in every color. We try to make at least one rainbow craft to celebrate Earth Day.

Easy Rainbow Arts and Crafts - 3D Hands On Activities

These simple crafts help kids with color recognition, order and manual dexterity. They're also fun, colorful and full of rainbow goodness. Find the print, cut and glue St. Patrick's Day rainbow and shamrock mobile craft sheet at Pastiche Family Portal

Roy G Biv - The colors of the rainbow spell his name

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet!

Tie Dye Rainbow
Tie Dye Rainbow | Source

Rainbow Experiments for Kids

Preschool Science - Colors, Color Mixing, Dyes and More

Children will enjoy experimenting with colors and materials when you explore color with these nifty experiments for kids.

Tinting Rice and Pasta - How to dye rice and macaroni in colors of the rainbow, then use the materials to make rainbow crafts.

Got Rainbow? - Make one from a milk, then enjoy the tasty results!

Catch a Rainbow Indoors - All you need are a clear glass or medium sized clear jar filled with water to the top, a windowsill, bright sunlight, white paper, watercolor paints or crayons.

Home Made Spin Art Machine - DIY spin art machine for backyard fun - make giant multicolor art with this jumbo spin art machine you can make yourself.

Create a Rainbow - Learn how light is made up of different colors.

Rainbow Pinwheel - Sweet pure colors in a great pinwheel photo

photo by ausbar,
photo by ausbar,

Rainbow Paper Crafts - Easy Color-Rich Cut and Paste Crafts for Preschoolers

Paper, scissors, glue and a few more materials are all you need to make wonderful paper rainbow crafts.

Bright Colors Fiber Craft - Crochet Fun Using all the Primary and Secondary colors.

photo by sideshowmom,
photo by sideshowmom,

Beautiful crochet fiber art photo by sideshowmom,

Rainbow Craft Printables - Patterns, Papers, Templates, Clip Art

Follow the links in this reviewed list of rainbow resources to find rainbow printables for your rainbow arts and crafts: rainbow printed papers, rainbow patterns to fill in or trace, rainbow clip art and rainbow coloring pages are all included here, ready for you to design your own rainbow arts and crafts masterpieces.

Yummy Rainbow Treats - Snacks with all the colors of the rainbow

Kids love to cook, and these rainbow theme food crafts are just as much fun to eat as they are to make!

One interesting way to get kids interested in eating a variety of foods is to make and then eat a food rainbow, constructed from vegetables and fruits of various colors.

Fabric and Beads Rainbow
Fabric and Beads Rainbow | Source

© 2011 Lee Hansen


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