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Decorating a Room for Foster Kids

Updated on March 3, 2014

So your becoming a foster parent?! You must be going thru all the joys of the training right now & looking for ideas on how to decorate for your new kiddo. It's quite a lot for anyone to deal with but after 20+ kids i can give some practical & simple advice that will keep your head from exploding.

The Main Problem...

You are expecting one to several kids of unknown age, interests, gender or...well anything!

The easiest way to go is generic, greens, yellows, blues for paint are ideal. Something cheery & light that isn't necessarily a theme. Once your kid or kids arrive you can find out what they love & order a couple posters or wall decals that will make them feel like the room is theirs. So keep the walls simple...ABC posters or decals, animals, silly prints are always safe for younger kids.

This simple room is pretty sparse but feels very inviting with just the use of color.


Bedding is pretty simple, get 2-3 sets of sheets per bed that you have open. Don't try a theme, whatever you pick the kid won't like it so stick with solid colors...they rarely complain about bright colored sheets.

So if you are taking toddlers to teens you need to plan on getting mattress covers, it's absolutely a must have. Some kids are not used to sheets or could well...leak. Don't freak out it's not all kids...but there is nothing wrong with planning ahead before you have a funky mattress! I would also suggest pillow covers too. One kid with lice or scabies & you will know why.

Aqua College Classic 3-Piece Twin XL Sheet Set
Aqua College Classic 3-Piece Twin XL Sheet Set
I think we have 4 sets of this color in the house & everyone likes them.

What to do about blankets...

I'm sure you have a pile of extra miss matched blankets, use those. Plan on going out & buying a comforter for the new kiddo when they move in. It's really important for foster kids to have a little control & pick out some things for themselves. A swanky NEW comforter from Target is a big deal for them. I always sent the kid home or to the next placement with their blanket.


Are you planning to adopt? Buy the furniture you would want for your own kids.

Are you just wanting to foster? Chances are you will have many kids need super tough furniture. Foster kids can be really hard on everything toys, books, and of course any furnishings you may have.

We got the toughest beds on the market, solid wood/metal, no movement & can hold up to a heard of boys!

Storage is also a must, foster kids rarely have much stuff & what they do have means a lot to them. So be sure there are book shelves, dresser drawers & lots of closet space for each kid.

Other basics for the room...

We always have a few photo frames, a magnetic board on the wall for their papers & pics, a night light, basic desk with desk lamp, a lock box with a key (keep the spare) & an alarm clock in every room.

We usually take older kids so they have a TV in each room as well...that is a judgement call.

No matter the age add in a few stuffed animals, books, basic toys, pillows, stuff to draw or color with, & some fluffy pillows.

Don't forget to relax!

Take a deep breathe & have fun nesting! Those kids will be taking over your house in no time.


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