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How to Stop Baby Bottom Diaper Rash Using Barriers Like Vaseline

Updated on August 1, 2015

Diaper Rash Treatment

If you have a baby then you are fully aware of the diaper rash battle. You go to change a diaper and there's diaper rash which seems to get worse and worse. It can be very discouraging as a new parent to see your baby in pain and feel completely helpless as to the solution for the diaper rash care.

A few things to look at first are the diaper you are using. Baby's skin is extremely sensitive and some diapers contribute to the diaper rash and breakouts. That's the first thing you should look at. The second thing is keeping your baby's bottom dry. Changing a diaper does not mean the bottom is dry. After using a wipe we usually just put another diaper on.

You want to let your baby bottom dry for a couple minutes before putting anything on it. Also, if your baby has rash you should let him or her be diaper-less for awhile this will help diaper rash quicker than anything. Next we'll explore the different options in the form of creams, powders, and ointments.

Creams To Help Diaper Rash

There are many different brands of creams and ointments to sooth your baby's discomfort from diaper rash, and to help eliminate it. Like any products out there, you'll find really good ones, some that work OK, and than ones that are just a waste of money.

Diaper Rash Symptoms

Usually before your baby ends up with full blown diaper rash, you'll see some of the signs to look for. What causes diaper rash is feces sitting on the skin to long. A lot of times this happens when your baby has a bowel movement when he/she is sleeping and you aren't aware of the fact that baby has a dirty diaper.

One way to prevent diaper rash that is very cheap is Vaseline. Put a thick layer before your baby takes a nap or goes to sleep at night and it'll help.

Baby Has Diaper Rash, Now What ?

 You baby has diaper rash, so now you move onto products to sooth baby's bottom and aid in healing the rash as quickly as possible. One of the best products I have found is Desitin's new formula call Rapid Relief. It gives instant relief to baby while giving a good barrier between skin and diaper.

A&D Ointment For Diaper Rash

 Another product for diaper rash help is A&D Ointment. I have not had really good results with A&D, it reminds me of Vaseline. It's good as a barrier for you baby's bottom, but if he/she already has diaper rash than I wouldn't waste my time with this product. It does not help in the actual aid of healing a bottom that already has a rash on it.

A&D Ointment

Cheap Diaper Rash Creams Verses Expensive Diaper Rash Creams

 There are several fancy diaper rash creams but remember, the purpose of any product is to prevent or treat diaper rash. You don't have to spend a lot of money on these products unless you so choose, They don't work any better than the cheaper alternatives.


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