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Easiest Solar Oven Ever

Updated on December 18, 2015

When my 6 year old learned about solar energy and solar ovens in an astronomy class, he immediately wanted to make one. We searched for ideas and found out about one that can be made out of a pizza box and a few items we already had around the house. It was easy enough that my 6 year old made it almost completely by himself. (We did the initial cutting.) Would it work, though? It got warm enough inside to melt the cheese on mini-pizzas and to melt the chocolate for smores. That was good enough for him!

Would you ever try making a solar oven?

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Time required: 20 minutes - When done by a child

Difficulty: easy

Cost: $0 (Free) - Using materials from around your home


  • 1 pizza box
  • plastic wrap
  • masking tape or duck tape
  • scotch tape
  • aluminum foil
  • straw


  • Scissors, knife, or box cutter


1. Using scissors, a knife, or a box cutter, cut out 3 sides from the top of a pizza box to create a flap.

2. Lift open the lid of the pizza box and use masking tape or duck tape to tape plastic wrap across the opening of the flap. Close the lid and use scotch tape to attach aluminum foil to the top of the flap that opens. This will reflect the sunlight to create heat.

3. Lift the lid again and place a layer of aluminum foil and then black paper on the bottom of the pizza box (where the pizza would normally be. These will also conduct heat.

4. Find a tasty item you would like to place in your new solar oven. The favorite option in our house is smores.

5. Miniature pizzas will also work. This will create enough heat to melt the cheese.

6. Use a straw or stick to hold open the top flap.

7. Place the solar oven in a sunny location facing the sun. Wait 20-40 minutes (depending on the intensity of the sun) and then enjoy your newly cooked treat!

Another Solar Oven Option We Tried: Using a Windshield Car Shade

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    • iijuan12 profile image

      iijuan12 3 years ago from Florida

      I agree! Thank you for the kind comment!

    • PhoenixV profile image

      PhoenixV 3 years ago from USA

      I think solar ovens and low tech solutions like them are oddly overlooked, underused and underrated. I have seen some parabolic type solar ovens that were achieving extremely high temperatures. Great hub and a great project/ idea for anyone at any age.