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Encouraging Kids To Develop The Habit Of Reading

Updated on February 23, 2018
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Sue is a mother and grandmother living in sunny Malaysia. Like many Malaysians, food is one of her passions.

Cultivate The Reading Habit

Encourage a child to have the habit of reading and you will be giving him or her a gift for life. Reading with your child opens the doors to endless possibilities even without leaving the confines of the home.

Today, many children prefer to be engaged in activities on their modern electronic gadgets. than spending time reading books.

I grew up reading at a very young age and developed a love for books which has not diminished with time.

"Few children learn to read books by themselves. Someone has to lure them into the wonderful world of the written word; Someone has to show them the way."

- Orville Prescott

1. Reading Habit Broadens A Child's Sphere of Experience

The habit of reading can transport a child to worlds he may not personally experience . Reading about the adventures of Robin Hood, Sinbad and countless characters helps a child to experience new and thrilling experiences so different from his everyday life.

Books are such portable friends and easy to carry along everywhere. It expands his own horizons and exposes him to new and different situations which he otherwise would never experience. Now with books available in digital form, a child can have access to books even more easily.

"So it is with children who read fluently and well: They begin to take flight into while new worlds as effortlessly as young birds take to the sky. " - William James

2. Habit Of Reading Sharpens A Child's Mind

Having the habit of reading helps to sharpen the thought processes of a child. It increases his or her attention span and ability to concentrate at length. We all know of young children who are so restless that they can hardly keep still for long moments.

Reading to a child encourages him to sit down to listen to a story and look at the pictures. In the beginning it may be just a short story but with time the story may grow in length and in detail. It also helps him to build listening skills as well.

"Reading aloud with children is known to be the single most important activity for building the knowledge and skills they will eventually require for learning to read."

- Marilyn Jager Adams

Christian superstore-reading-habit-kids
Christian superstore-reading-habit-kids

Develop Habit Of Reading Christian Books

100 Ways To Know God Loves Me

Read to a child about how God loves him or her. Easy to read text, colorful pictures and 2 CDs with 100 songs to sing along.

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Give your child a book from Heading to Heaven
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3. Reading Habit Helps In Language Development - A child stores up information heard and uses it later on

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents."

- Emilie Buchwald

4. Reading With Your Child Helps Build Stronger Bonds - Set time to read to a child

Having the habit of reading at bedtime is one of the easiest routines to implement at home. Bedtime reading is one of the best quality times a parent can spend with a child. It is an excellent way to build strong bonds. It is a time when parents set aside a time to focus on the child. The child looks forward to this time knowing it is set time dedicated to him or her. It helps to foster one to one communication with our kids.

Bedtime Bible Story Book: 365 Read-aloud Stories from the Bible
Bedtime Bible Story Book: 365 Read-aloud Stories from the Bible

With over 100 illustrations, bedtime stories becomes a delightful learning experience.


5. Habit Of Reading Picture Books Develops Creativity

"A picture is worth a thousand words". How very true! The habit of reading picture books will help a child to develop an appreciation of the arts as he or she is exposed to different styles and illustrations.

We all have a better understanding when exposed to pictures and not just in words. Children are drawn to colourful pictures which tell a story.

© 2010 Sue Mah


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