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Family of God: Lessons from My Secret Agent Mother

Updated on August 29, 2015

It's All About Family

There are certain things I do that always take me back to my childhood and my mom. When I peel potatoes, memories of the way mom did it come into my thoughts. Every time I wash make-up off my face I can hear her telling me not to get make-up on the washcloth.

If I put something away and it isn't just right, I go back and fix it because of what my mother would teach us. "Do everything to the glory of God."

Family time revolved around my mother, and her idea of what a family was didn't depend on how well we were all getting along. All in the Family may have been a show my Dad liked, but it wasn't what mom was referring to when she spoke of the Family of God.

Photo by Pastor Cher

An outreach ministry of
Shield of Faith Family & Youth MinistriesĀ®,Inc.
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Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

A Change of Heart, A Change in Family

My family has been in the music industry since before I was born, so I grew up with music as a big part of my life. Both of my parents were musically inclined. I don't know when my father learned to play the guitar, but my mother had played since she was a young girl in her tween years. She was so talented that my grandfather would wake her up and take her to the clubs at night where she would sing and play her guitar for the crowd. Somewhere along the way she self-taught herself to play the piano, the bass violin and a little organ.

Up until I was around 3 years old my parents sang mostly country western songs, were on the radio and even had a television program. After my mother received Christ as her Savior she no longer had the desire to sing those songs and so they stopped playing publically. He salvation (believing in Jesus) prompted a radical change in our family lifestyle.

The Tuller Family singing Family of God
The Tuller Family singing Family of God

Family Singing "Family of God"

Family Singing "Family of God"

It wasn't until several years later that my parents began singing and formed another group, this time it was with the family. Singing as a family allowed us to spend time together and travel, plus who doesn't like to see kids sing? Before long we adopted the Family of God song as "ours" and it became the regular closing number.

Nothing pleased my mom more than being a part of the family of God, so when we sang that song, she really meant it from her heart. During those years in music my mother continually prayed for others and her family to find the joy she had found as a Christian.

Mom never ceased to press on when it came to "getting her family saved." She prayed for over 20 years for her family to come to the Lord, and they all did, including the spouses and kids. Now she had to keep praying for her own kids hoping we would all become part of the family she belonged to in Heaven.

This is a photo of them singing, obviously, years ago. Their theme song they closed with was "Family of God." From left to right: sister, Mom, sister, sister, Dad. (I am not in the photo.)

Relationship in God's Family - This is the theme song of our family that we closed with each night we sang.

The Family of God song and lyrics.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

Meeting Mom's Other Family

Mom was outgoing but still quite shy. She could talk to anyone about the Lord and loved doing so. It wasn't until her home going that I realized just how much she was involved with her other family, her Heavenly family that didn't involve us.

It was at her visitation that we learned about all the other members of the family mom had, or should I say those she invited into the family of God. One by one we learned about her Christian family as testimony after testimony was given on her behalf as a family of God sister.

She wasn't just a Christian mom who took all her responsibilities as a woman seriously, she was a secret agent. One day as I was out doing street ministry I got to thinking how my mom knew so many people. She must have gone door-to-door while we were in school or something. How else would she know everyone on the Rt. 40 stretch of highway that went on for miles? We'll never know, but what we do know is that she knew thousands of people we never heard of or knew.

Now how did this little 4 foot 10 inch lady accomplish so much without anyone knowing about it? Faithfully, slowly, daily and prayerfully she was involved in the prayer room of Heaven. When sales persons would come to the business, they would be there for the entire day. Mom would talk with them, feed them and even pray with anyone who walked through their showroom doors.

Customer calls from around the globe, sales clerks, businesses, pastors, musicians all somehow knew mom and knew all about this other family she never shared with us.

Sure we were believers and knew of the things the Family of God did around our area, church or home, but all the other stuff, we didn't have a clue.

Photo by Pastor Cher (Mom singing with the Blackwood Brothers in Tennessee 2009)

Blackwood Brothers Quartet in Concert - If you don't know who the Blackwood Brother are, take a look at these clips.

The Blackwood Brothers have been around for some time and are legendary in the recording industry. They have a record number of sales in selling more than 50 million records and recording over 200 albums in their almost 80 years in existence. Through the years the quarter passed down from family member to friends allowing the group to remain active and still drawing crowds of thousands.

Some of their accomplishments are: eight Grammy Awards, four Dove Awards, Grammy Hall of Fame, the Gospel Music Association (GMA) Hall Of Fame, the Southern Gospel Music Association (SGMA) Museum and Hall of Fame, and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Not bad huh? How blessed they were to have sang with "MOM" in the early summer of 2009.

Read more about the group at Wikipedia:

The Blackwood Brothers Quartet in 2009 - I've Got The OldTime Religion

"Daddy Sang Bass" & "I Want to be More Like Jesus" - Blackwood Brothers Quartet 2010

Mom shared with us some of the secrets and mandates of being part of the Family of God.

Things Mom Taught Us About Being A Family of God

  1. Being part of a family means there is more than "you" in every situation.
  2. As a family member of God we are always to forgive one another.
  3. Family always goes beyond its own members, and includes those who are without family.
  4. God being our Heavenly Father expects us to do what is right regardless if no one else is watching.
  5. The family of God is not to fight, tattle or gossip about one another.
  6. God's family does not rejoice when another member has messed up in life.
  7. The blood of Christ is what made us family, not friendship, popularity or money.
  8. Belonging to the Family God means we are to pray for one another daily.
  9. Only true family members encourage and support one another in their successes, even if you haven't had any.
  10. You cannot be a member of this family without love.
  11. Our family is twice related. We are earthly and Heavenly related.
  12. Death cannot separate this family.
  13. Jesus is the only head of the Family of God.
  14. Every member of the family is important and needed.
  15. Each member is to honor those God has placed over them.
  16. You're never an orphan in the Family of God.
  17. You're never without family even when you are alone.
  18. You'll always have a place to call home in this family.
  19. There are no job shortages or placements in the Family of God.
  20. Family reunions are always happening.
  21. Music isn't fought over in God's family.
  22. A family member is always willing to listen to another member.
  23. This family enjoys being in the company of one another.
  24. Always look for the good in others, especially family.
  25. This isn't where your permanent family lives. You're only a visitor here.

A Shout Out for Moms

Photo courtsey of Pastor Cher
Photo courtsey of Pastor Cher

Honoring Mothers in God's Family

Scripture Reading: Romans 5:8

Being a mother has got to be one of the hardest jobs there is. A mother has so much on her mind. Even before she gives birth her planning, preparation and thoughts are always on the well being of her child.

A godly mother prays for wisdom when she is worried. Whenever the family is in crisis, she is concerned about getting the family through the problem. When money doesn't come in, a righteous mother continues to thank God and believes that "my God will supply all our needs" and believes His Word (from Phil. 4:19).

If you have a mother that loves and seeks the Lord, remember to thank God for her. If your mother doesn't know God, keep believing and ask the Lord to soften her heart to the things of God. Ask Him for wisdom as she did when you were young. See how you can minister to her by showing her God's love in you.

I still find ways to honor my mother. One way to show honor is by keeping her testimony and love for the family of God very much alive, just as she is in Heaven with some of her other family.

Being part of my mother's life was a priviledge, and because she taught me about having an eternal family with God my relationship with her will never end. Thanks mom for sharing your "Other Family" with your earthly one.

"But God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8 KJV

Photo courtsey of Pastor Cher

A Tribute to Moms Everywhere - A Tribute to Mom - One Heartbeat At A Time


Are you part of the Family of God? You can be.

Pray to Jesus right now by repeating this prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus,

I am sorry for my sins and for not believing in You as the One and only true God. I now want to make things right with You. Please come into my heart and save me. Forgive me of all my sins and make me clean.

I do believe that You died on the cross to save me from hell, and that You rose from the dead and are now in Heaven.

With all my heart I will follow you and be obedient to Your Word, and will fellowship with other believers. Thank you for saving me today and making me part of Your family.

In Your name I pray, Amen.

Done/FTL 8/15

Ā© 2013 Pastor Cher

Are there things you do that always remind you of your mother? - Share them with us.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      What is done in secret will be openly shown one day....may we all have the legacy that we are called to that your Mom has.....sounds like she was always in the birthing room.....I love your secret agent analogy, how very dear and I'm thinking you must have shed a loving tear too as you wrote this...I had to wipe one of those away myself. When I see a butterfly, I can hear Mom say, "The jewels of the air", when I see a dandelion, its "Gold Buttons".....sweetness! :)

    • PastorCher profile image

      Pastor Cher 4 years ago from United States

      @WriterJanis2: I appreciate ate you comment. Thanks for stopping by.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 4 years ago

      You've written a beautiful tribute.