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Father Abraham Song - A Teacher's Guide

Updated on February 24, 2014

Father Abraham - Song Lyrics, Videos, Printables

"Father Abraham" is a great song and dance for preschool and elementary school children. Use "Father Abraham" as a silly icebreaker that gets the blood flowing, helps youngsters with rhythm, and teaches them right and left. English language learners can even learn some body parts like arm, leg, and chin, as well as some simple classroom commands like turn around and sit down.

"Father Abraham" has countless variations, but there are two main versions, a religious one, often used in Sunday Schools and church camps that includes the phrase "Let's just praise the Lord," and a more secular version that doesn't include that phrase. Check out both sets of lyrics below.

Photo by alainalele on CC by 2.0

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Father Abraham Lyrics

the religious and secular versions

In Sunday Schools and church camps, "Father Abraham" usually goes this way:

Father Abraham had many sons.

Many sons had Father Abraham.

I am one of them,

And so are you,

So let's just praise the Lord

Right arm!*

And here is the secular version of "Father Abraham."

Father Abraham had seven sons.

Seven sons had Father Abraham.

And they never laughed,

And they never cried. All they did was go like this.

Right arm!*

* After singing "Right arm," children pump their right arms in a marching motion. After singing the second time, add "left arm," then "right foot," "left foot", "nod your head," "turn around," and finally "sit down!" The song gets sillier and sillier!

Father Abraham Video - Learn how to dance to Father Abraham

I'm glad there is a video of someone else dancing to Father Abraham, so I don't have to!

You probably noticed in the video that the leader was moving her right arm when singing about her left arm, and so on. She wasn't confused--that's actually the best way to teach kids right and left. Let them see you as a mirror image of themselves.

Kid Friendly Version of Father Abraham - Get it now for under a buck!

Father Abraham Sheet Music

I've usually heard this song done a capella, but there's nothing to stop you from playing along on piano or another instrument. Check out the link below for the sheet music.

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    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 3 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      What fond memories! I sang and danced to "Father Abraham" in my early elementary years.

    • profile image

      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Heard this soooo many times in Sunday School. Thanks for reminding me of that time, but I wish I could get it out of my head now!

    • profile image

      CatJGB 5 years ago

      I remember this song from my long ago it seems!