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Best Baby Bouncers: Fisher-Price Precious Planet Bouncer

Updated on March 28, 2013

Shopping for baby bouncers, take-along swings, free standing bouncers and cradle swings online

When it comes to baby good you can always trust Fisher Price. Here we are reviewing five Fisher Price Precious Planet Bouncers . We'll take you through a check list of what to look for in a good bouncer that will serve all your needs and be perfectly safe for your little one and along the way introduce you to some of the best baby bouncer available to buy online at prices you can afford. Nothing is too good for your little treasure is it but you always want value for money and that is what you get here.

Image courtesy of Amazon: Featured here: Fisher-Price Precious Planet Blue Sky Cradle 'n Swing

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Blue Sky JumperooCHECK PRICE

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Happy Giraffe BouncerCHECK PRICE

Fisher-Price Playtime BouncerCHECK PRICE

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Spacesaver Precious Planet CHECK PRICE

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Blue Sky Cradle 'n SwingCHECK PRICE

Fisher Price like to use themes on their products and the bouncers featured on this page are all part of the Precious Planet range. They are all designed with planet earth and her creatures firmly in mind. Many of them have a large amount of the color blue included - after all we ARE The Blue Planet!

Best baby bouncer - Fisher-Price Playtime Bouncer

The Fisher Price Playtime Bouncer is an award winning baby bouncer with high ratings and best selling records. The chair is comfortably sprung to move gently with baby's movement and it is at exactly the incline a young baby needs for support. All the toys are within easy grasp to help develop your baby's hand-eye coordination and tune fine motor skills with reaching and grabbing. There is music to sooth and plenty of visual stimulation too - and it is perfect for naps.

There is a little friendly animal theme here that will delight and not frighten your baby. The safety bar is easily lifted for you to reach your baby and for those little accidents the seat is completely washable.

The only complaint I have heard about this bouncer is that the music doesn't actually play for very long.

Bounce Bounce Baby! - Fisher-Price Precious Planet Happy Giraffe Bouncer

Your little one will bounce happily in this baby bouncer featuring a gentle giraffe. I confess giraffes are my favorite jungle animal and I fell in love with this one. This is suitable for newborns and babies up to about 25 pounds in weight. By then they will be able to support their head easily and you will be moving on in baby stuff. This bouncer keeps your baby safe when he can nap and have plenty of stimulation with music and toys too. The bouncer, sways as the baby kicks and moves keeping him secure and contented and there is a vibration function included to sooth him to sleep.

Reviews are mostly good for this model but once again it seems to be the music and sound getting the most complaints. One buyer did point out that you might need an additional head support for newborns which I think is a fair and important point but they are easy to source and attach.

If you would like to read what people are saying about this product click the link --> Customers Reviews

What to consider when buying a baby bouncer

When people think of baby bouncers they include small static ones that sit on a floor or table where a baby can be lie snugly - they are generally suspended so the bouncer will move as the baby moves, the sway being soothing for young babies - of course these days you can also buy one that have motors for vibrating or rocking. On this page we take 'bouncer' to mean any of those: simply bouncers, vibrating bouncers, cradle swings and rockers.

Whichever you are buying there are things to consider...

  1. Safety - buy a names and trusted brand like Fisher Price so you know what you are getting. The bouncer should have some way of securing the child and you should be able to get the baby out easily. Also check all the pieces that there is nothing that can poke, scratch or otherwise injure a child and make sure mobiles and toys and toy bars are secure. They should come up to all american safety requirements.
  2. Where you are going to use it - if you want to be able to take it with you where-ever you go you will need to consider the weight and how easily it can be moved - some of them are really not intended to be moved further than the next room, while many of them are quite portable.
  3. Do you want one that vibrates or rocks to sooth your baby? The simple bouncers are pretty good and relatively inexpensive. These Fisher Prices here are at reasonable prices too but you might want to think what you most want to get out of the bouncer. Are you content with a simple one that provides a reclining support for your baby and will 'give' when she moves or do you want something more technical? Once you have decided that you still need to decide if you want it to vibrate or to sway like a cradle?
  4. If it does have a motion motor or plays tunes and sounds you need to factor how you power it - many of them only take batteries and can be quite heavy in their use so a good supply of rechargeable batteries is always good to have around. There are some that can be plugged into a power socket but they do tend to be the heavier, less portable bouncers.
  5. Consider how much use you are going to get out of it. Most Moms find these bouncers a huge help and love them but you do need to be aware they are really only intended for babies in the first few months - the months when they are not supporting themselves or their heads and not moving around much. They are great for allowing babies to kick and grab and helps to develop muscles and motor skills, but they are limited in value once they are more mobile. The manufacturers recommend them up to the age of 6 months but I would say you probably only use them all the time for the first 3 months.
  6. Note - newborns cannot support their heads AT ALL so you probably need to invest in a head support for the first few weeks so their head doesn't keep sliding.
  7. How easy is it to keep clean? Try to pick one that has a removable seat cover that you can chuck in the washing machine as often as you need to.
  8. If your baby bouncer plays music - check how long it plays for. Many of them play music in response to an action which teaches babies to say pull a cord or press something for a noise to be produced. These aren't really intended for lullabies to lull babies to sleep and they are very short. If you do want longer pieces of music to be included in the features of your baby bouncer, check it out before you buy. Otherwise - use your MP3 player!
  9. In the first few weeks of your child's life they won't be using many motor skills so it doesn't matter if the toy bar is out of their reach. The ones with mobile suspended above baby are intended for them to track with their eyes.
  10. If you want to extend it's value beyond a few weeks, consider buying one that has a toy bar you can attach that they can reach when they get to the state of investigating with their hands. This kind of thing helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills and so on. Do make sure the toys or any small part of them can't become detached.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Blue Sky Jumperoo - bouncer

This free-standing jumper is great for baby's when they are ready to move up from the play mat - in other words when it starts to get harder to keep your newly mobile monster in one place! The seat swivels 360 degrees so she will never tire of what is in front of her. There asre lots of baby animals within sight and touch and each action is rewarded with lights and music and animal sounds.

The frame is stable and strong enough to let baby exercise her legs safely, the seat support her and can be adjusted in height for just the right height for your baby.

In general the reviews are 5* and 4* with only a few disappointed customers

More Fisher-Price Precious Earth baby stuff

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Spacesaver Precious Planet with Mini Tool Bo

This is advertised as a space saving swing and it is certainly smaller than some of the other bouncers on offer. It features adjustable height and incline and secure safety strapping with a 5-point harness. The bouncer can be set to vibrate or swing at five different speed and it is operated by battery. You do have to remember to keep a ready supply or rechargeable batteries to hand. It has a pretty little mobile about baby's head.

I couldn't actually find any customer reviews on this product but it looks neat and sturdy enough to satisfy most babies need at least in the first few weeks of life.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Blue Sky Cradle 'n Swing

I confess this is my personal favorite! This gorgeous cradle swing is a wonderful way to sooth and entertain little people. The swing will go from either side-to-side or front-to-back - you can try both and see which your baby prefers. There is an option to plug in the motor which will save heaps on batteries but people have complained it is a little noisy until you get used to it. The mobile above baby's head is colorful but not within grabbing distance, it is great for building up the eye muscles and visual acuity but won't teach any hand-to-eye coordination.

The seat is completely washable which is a plus and you can secure your baby in with straps. The whole thing is very sturdy to prevent tipping and you can move it from room to room although it wasn't designed to be a light-weight portable version.

Reviews are mixed and from them I conclude the major complaint is that it won't swing well with larger weight babies so might turn into a nap spot once baby gets bigger. To be fair the manufacturer does point out the weight limit is 25 lbs but some are finding it stops swinging and you are back to manually pushing at lighter weights than that. The music seems to please most buyers.

Which Fisher-Price bouncer do you like best? - ready to buy?

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