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Tips for cleaning crayon off walls and more!

Updated on October 18, 2015

I had to post this blog for families and parents sake. I have to sit back and smile and think of all of the parents who are going through "they are doing stuff they shouldn't stages"! It never fails if you accidentally left something out at child level. What happens when your child picks the lipstick up it up and does exactly what you don't want them to do. Kids can can be lightning fast! Now, lets talk about boo boos , maybe they got sunburned or gum in their hair. Here are a few helpful tips and hints to get stuff out, off and cleaned up.

  • Gum in Hair Believe it or not Peanut Butter works! My daughter had the most beautiful hair as a child. Just rub crunchy peanut butter on the spot and the gum will clump up and come off. (Did you know that the American Indians chewed sap like gum?) cola is supposed to do the trick too, but never tried it.
  • Crayon on walls Did they go to town while u were on the phone? Just get some baking soda and a wet rag and scrub it right off. you can also use steel wool, but be careful scrubbing too hard on anything white.
  • Sunburn Pain You decided to go to the lake and your sunblock didn't work? use baking soda and water mixed into a lotion consistency, you can also use it for chicken pocks, or bee stings too.
  • Use baby oil to get those band aids off ,this one really saves a lot of stress and crying.

More Helpful Tips

  • Ink Pen Stains No writers block for them? Use shortening and a rag or paper towel to remove ink, or soak the clothing item in rubbing alcohol.
  • Make -up They decided to play dress up and got makeup all over their princess dress didn't they? Before you wash the dress or clothing item put petroleum jelly on it.
  • Ring stuck on a finger? Use some dental floss and wrap it around finger then pull the ring off over the floss.
  • Pop-sickle sticks are great splints for fingers and stick puppets.
  • Ammonia takes out blood stains on clothing from a bloody nose. It's a half and half mixture especially for spandex wool and silk. be sure to put some petroleum jelly in their nose so they wont get another one.
  • Oops! Ink on the dolls face? Put butter or shortening on it and put it in the sun or blow dry it then wipe it off.


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