How do your grow up and then out of church.

  1. chance wilson profile image59
    chance wilsonposted 9 years ago

    How do your grow up and then out of church.

    I am like you,where you at one time were able to believe.Now however,there is a new problem for me. I have a wife and we have had three great kids.My wife stills goes to church with her family and takes our kids.Letting the historical brain washing  happen to my children.The oldest of the three is out of diappers and is starting to learn some of the jive at church.Wow,now it seems to late to stop.And to top that,her family has already tried to get my wife to leave me for what I believe.I never told them how stupid they were for there what they think is real. Ande,what do you think I should do?

  2. profile image48
    philliplwposted 9 years ago

    first and foremost I want you to know I am a christian.  Therefore I have a biased view of your question. I am not going to sit here and preach to you.  I am sure you have had plenty of that.  I would encourage you to research your subject matter.  Put out of your mind is what people like myself have told also don't treat it as a bunch of hocus-pocus and that Christians are whackjobs. I encourage you to read, "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Aethists",  this book utilizes facts and truly trips up the aethistic arguement.  This book does not hide from many questions and will also give the names of the top authors amd speakersin the aethistic movement. And always ask yourself, while researdhing why do you believe your relatives are stupid. God Bless you in your quest and your famalies future.

  3. Springboard profile image79
    Springboardposted 9 years ago

    Religion is one of those things that sort of, in and of itself, defies much of who we really are naturally. At least, that's my opinion. We are typically curious, rational creatures. Don't get me wrong, gullibility is alive and well and thrives in many. But generally we ask a lot of questions, we seek out multiple answers, we sift through the data, and we formulate our opinion. If we have a truly open mind its difficult to narrow down one particular thing that strikes us as being absolutely, irrefutably true. I've heard a lot of people who are religious say they are open-minded. They are not. Nor are atheists open-minded. You cannot have one view that disallows the possibility of all other views and be open-minded.

    I'm not sure exactly where I am on religion. I don't necessarily believe in God, but I do not consider myself to be an atheist either. I like to use the term spiritual, though my Christian sister always tells me she doesn't like it when people call themselves that.

    I explore science and theology and biology and I form an opinion based on the sum of all the parts. I know that the Bible cannot be 100% accurate, nor can the big bang theory be absolutely true, nor can the theory of evolution be without some flaws.

    For people to, however, force their views on another, or disbar them from their "club" based on their views is disingenuine and rude. I am a republican. But you don't have to be a republican to be my wife, my child, or my friend. Christians tend to do a lot of judging and condemning. I think those actions defy what even Christianity should be.


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