Sibbling Abuse ?

  1. Imma_Bee profile image54
    Imma_Beeposted 8 years ago

    Sibbling Abuse ?

    My brother is  2 years younger then me, and he is 19 y.o 
    Me and him never ever had a normal healthy relationship. I remember us fighting, arguing, calling names. Why is that? Is it jealousy over who's gonna be our dad's favourite? is it a competition ? having this urge to be powerfull over another one?

  2. MACobbs profile image48
    MACobbsposted 8 years ago

    No, IMO I don't believe it is a competition I have two sons they are 3 years apart they are 15 and 18 when they were oh about 6 and 9 they started to argue, name calling etc my husband and I put a stop to it right away we did not want them to grow up this way to end up like there cousins. Who fights each other all the time, sure they will not always disagree but they can talk about it like young adults.

    There will be enough of that outside in the world there is no need to have that where you live. good luck