Fun crafts

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    Julie Ann Myersposted 4 years ago

    Fun crafts

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    Erin Trefzposted 3 years ago

    I found a couple great ones. My son is four and he loved our activities.  Here are ones we did at our house without having to buy anything:

    **Balloon Rocket**
    Supplies are as follows:
    1. Drinking straw
    2. A piece of string or thread long enough to tie or tape up on the room
    3. Tape
    4. A balloon.
    Step1: Thread a straw with a long string, then secure the string.  We tied it up high enough that our 16 month old could not reach it.  You can be creative.  We tied it on door hinges across the room.
    Step2: Blow up a balloon, but do not tie it.  Tape the blown up balloon to the straw.
    Step3: Let go of the balloon, and it should push the straw along the string, like a rocket.  You can continue this as many times as you want.
    We did this one for about an hour until he lost interest.

    **Pan Art**
    Supplies are as follows:
    1. Different size pans
    2. White paper(printer paper is fine)
    3. Pen & scissors
    4. Paint
    5. Baggies or bowls
    6. Marbles
    Step1: Trace the different pan sizes. To do this, set the pan on the paper, and trace around the bottom.   I used a round pan, a loaf pan, and a 9x13 pan.
    Step2: Cut the paper you just traced.  It should then fit into the bottom of the pan you traced.
    Step3: Put paint in a bowl or baggie(not much paint is needed.)  I used a Ziploc since I thought this would be the cleanest.
    Step4: Put a marble in the paint.  You can put different colors in different bags and use 2 different marbles. 
    Step5: Put the marble, that is now covered in paint, into one of the pans and let your child role the marble around in the pan.  I am sure it may jump out of the pan a time or two, so do this in the kitchen, or outside for easy clean up.

    Repeat in each of the pans.
    Now you have art. We like to frame his, or put it on display.