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How to make ourselves strong when everyone around us throwing stones?

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    ezba29posted 22 months ago

    How to make ourselves strong when everyone around us throwing stones?

    Everyone is thinking you are doing wrong but you only know that you are not doing anything wrong and one day everyone will understand. How can you overcome this state?

  2. RomanaRiva profile image60
    RomanaRivaposted 22 months ago

    Even if you do all right still people will throw stones thats what the mentality of some has become, just ignore and do what makes you happy, haters were always there, are still there and will always be. Dont ruin your mood thinking and wasting your time on stone throwers. I too suffer the same fate, i understand what you feel but those haters will not understand, just ignore big time.

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      ezba29posted 22 months agoin reply to this

      Absolutely true words romana...

  3. tamarawilhite profile image90
    tamarawilhiteposted 22 months ago

    1. Find your tribe, a strong group of people who share your beliefs. Then you aren't standing alone against the crowd or the world - you know that the group shares your beliefs and backs you up.
    2. Know that principles are eternal while many things are changing fads that will change yet again. When you stand on your principles, you are right, and others may come to agree with you in time.
    3. The authoritarian left has come to attack everyone who isn't in ideological lockstep with them on a growing list of issues (which change frequently, too). Think of the feminist classic icons like Camile Pagalia attacked for saying men with breasts and penises shouldn't get women's awards - essentially mentally ill men dominating women's awards while men have men's awards, too. Or blacks attacked for saying illegal immigration isn't good since it leads to competition for jobs that they are trying to get and bilingual education takes up limited education dollars in already poor schools. Given the fact that stating facts readily results in being called names, know that you're standing up to the fascists acting in the name of feelings (physically attacking those with contrary views in the name of fighting hate). And they start with namecalling, because they don't have reasons beyond their feelings for their views.