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Genealogy for a Line of Stout Families: The Family Tree

Updated on July 22, 2014

Stout Family Research and Riddles - Descendants of Samuel STOUT

I began researching my family line back in the 1990s. I didn't have the internet then. I really did get a lot of things verified and made it pretty far back; however, as you will see below, I got stuck when I reached the 1700s and North Carolina where several Samuel Stouts existed.

Welcome, friends and family, to what I hope will be a place for all of us who are researching STOUT and allied surnames to bounce ideas off of each other.

This site originally went live, online February 28th, 1997. I kept a site online for a while; but, really had no activity. I am trying it again, 13 years later, in a new format here to see if I get any activity. I may consider setting up a separate site again if it proves to be beneficial.

I eagerly accept ideas and opinions. I want this page to work for you, and only you can tell me how it will best accomplish this. My goal for this site is not for it to be another database to be searched, I want it to be an interactive site for research and research ideas.

The following is the chart of my STOUT lineage as I have documented and proven it. We have a few leads about where to trace back from here, but that is the riddle part, the following is the clue.

1 STOUT, Samuel

b. Abt 1800 NC d. 1860-1870 AL or TN?

+Mary b. Abt 1795 NC d. Aft 1870 TN?Note: I am currently trying to prove/disprove this couple is the couple on marriage records for Randolph Co., NC: "STOUT, Samuel and FOUST, Mary married in 1821 Randolph Co., NC

....... 2 STOUT, Samuel

b. Abt 1838 TN or NC? d. Abt 1894 Randolph Co., AR

Fact: 1874-1882 Owned land in TN FACT: 1882-1883 moved to Randolph Co., Arkansas NOTE: We had a hard time proving Samuel was the son of a Samuel and Mary STOUT. We found a Samuel and Mary STOUT on the 1850 census of Hamilton Co., TN with several children, including a Samuel b. abt 1838. How to prove? Not sure.

Then we found a Samuel and Mary STOUT 1860 Dekalb Co., AL census with a Samuel b. abt 1838 living with them; as well as a Lasaida (Lucinda?) HENRY and her two children; Miller, 6; and Kanico, 7.

Still the last thing I knew for certain was that our Samuel had married Amanda in 1868 Giles Co., TN. Then, I finally gave the 1870 Giles Co., TN census another look and there it was.

Our Samuel was in dwelling #240 and in dwelling #241 was HENRY, Miller age 16; HENRY, Lou age 45; and STOUT, Mary age 75! That was all I needed to convince me that our Samuel was, indeed, the Samuel age 20 in 1860 Dekalb Co., AL.

I am now searching high and low to prove this is the same family who was in Hamilton Co., TN on the 1850 census. This 1850 TN census: STOUT, Samuel b. abt 1800; Mary b. abt 1795; William b. abt 1828; Mary b. abt 1831; Martha b. abt 1834; Sarah b. abt 1836; and Samuel b. abt 1838. The ages of the mother, father and child named Samuel, all correlate with the family in 1860 AL.

Note: Samuel b. abt 1838 spent most of his life in Giles Co., TN; however, Oct 1882 he sold his land; Nov 1882 he added a son; 1885 another son was born in AR.

Why did our Samuel up and take off to Randolph Co., Arkansas after so long in TN? Not sure, but, right there in Randolph Co., AR was a William STOUT b. abt 1828. (Like the William in the 1850 Hamilton Co., TN home.) Two descendants of this William believe William and my Samuel were brothers. No clue about what happened to the girls from the 1850 TN census, so far

........... +JUDKINS, Amanda C.

b. December 1842 TN

m. 02 January 1868 by James M. Ashford MG d. 15 January 1906 Randolph Co., AR

Fact: 1900 AR census: Amanda has all the boys except John F. (who is in the next house with his new bride) Fact: 1894 Her father's probate states she is a widow of Samuel STOUT

................. 3 STOUT, John F.

b. 01 January 1869 Giles Co. TN? (a twin) d. Abt 1902 Randolph Co, AR

................... +BROWN?, Elizabeth b. AR m. 1899 Randolph Co, AR

Fact: 1900 AR census: listed as wife of John F. STOUT FACT: 1900 Census does not mention Elizabeth's maiden name.

Note: according to records it appears John and she had three girls. Elizabeth remarried after John's death to a BOUNDS.......................... 4 STOUT, Roxie b. 1901 ......................... 4 STOUT, Alous D. b. 11 February 1902 Randolph Co, AR d. 09 September 1921 Randolph Co, AR Buried in Antioch Cemetery with her maiden name STOUT............................ +?? ......................... 4 STOUT, Maudie M. b. 20 April 1906

................ 3 STOUT, Robert G.

b. 1870 TN.


............... 3 STOUT, Minnie A.

b. 1872 TN


................ 3 STOUT, Sarah N.

b. 1876 TN


................ 3 STOUT, William N.

b. 1878 TN


................ 3 STOUT, Enoch Sheridan

b. 04 March 1880 Pulaski, Giles Co. Tennessee d. 1952 Seminole, OK buried: Little Cemetery

................... +BISHOP, Josie Alma b. 21 March 1884 Warm Springs, Randolph Co., AR m. 18 February 1906 Pocahontas, Randolph Co., Arkansas d. 04 July 1957 Healdton, OK Buried in Mt Olive Cemetery by Reser. Obituary: MRS. JOSIE BISHOP STOUT, aged 73, passed away in Healdton, Oklahoma on July 4th. Mrs. Stout was born and reared at Hamil and was a daughter of the late W. H. and Sarah Houston Bishop. Survivors include two sons, Lowell and Lester Stout of Healdton; a brother, D. C. Bishop of Imboden; two sisters, Mrs. Paralea Jackson and Mrs. Tabitha Coward (possible photo here) of Pocahontas and several grandchildren. PSH July 11, 1957. Submitted by Tammie Chada.

Note: teaching certificates indicate she may have been a "GRAY" at one time

Note: Enoch Sheridan STOUT's 1952 obituary states that he had worked for Sinclair Oil, died in Seminole, OK and was survived by two brothers: Samuel in Okemah and Joe in Blackwell.

......................... 4 STOUT, Lowell Sheridan

b. 02 April 1907 Morris, OK d. 1953 Colbert, TX


......................... 4 STOUT, Cecil Lester, Sr.

b. 23 February 1909 Okemah, Okfuskee Co, Oklahoma d. September 1979 Oklahoma. buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Healdton, OK by Reser

............................ +BATEMAN, Virginia Lois b. 16 February 1909 Stilwell, Adair Co., Oklahoma m. 18 June 1928 Oilton, Creek, Co, Oklahoma d. 10 February 1982 Lone Star, Morris Texas buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Healdton, OK by Reser

................ 3 STOUT, S.S.

b: 1882 TN

Note: initials stand for Samuel? Believed to have moved to OK in early 1900's

................ 3 STOUT, J.W.

b: 1885 TN

Note: initials stand for Joseph? Believed to have moved to OK in early 1900's.


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