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Great benefits of being a stay at home mom.

Updated on May 21, 2011



Great Benefits of being a Stay at Home Mother.

                 Irrespective of the choice made by mothers to either stay at home with the kids or go to work, all mothers should be acknowledged and respected by their families and all those around them. Once a woman becomes a mother, she has to make a decision as to whether she will stay at home and raise her baby till a certain age or if she will go back to work and leave her baby in the hands of someone she trusts. This is a personal decision and as much as your family and friends push you into one direction, it is your own choice that will be final.

                  Being a stay at home mom has its own challenges and a mother who decides to stay at home should look for adequate support from family and friends. If married it is very important for the husband to support his wife for making the decision to stick at home and take care of the family. It is not an easy decision as the mother has to quit or resign whatever job position she had.

                  On the other hand the lifelong benefits of staying at home with your kids should never be overlooked. The advantages of being a stay at home mother are:

1.       Bonding.

             The mother gets to develop a bond with the baby from the day the baby is born. By staying at home, the mother gets the chance to strengthen this bond and make it strong. This bond is vital for the survival of any happy family in the long run.

2.       Great child care. The mother will be the primary caregiver of the child and hence it means that the child will get the best care ever during his early life. It is a fact that no one could take very good care of a child other than the parent himself/herself. With this said the stay at home mom will have an opportunity to take good care of the baby and provide for the baby’s emotional and physical needs.

3.       Effective discipline. A stay at home mother will be able to discipline her child as to her own principles. By disciplining and teaching the child on life values as he grows, a stay at home mother will help in ensuring that the child will have a positive character growth.

4.       Understanding and appreciating the child. A stay at home mother will gain from staying at home by having a deeper understanding of her child and by time will appreciate the unique qualities as well as the traits of her child and get to encourage and motivate the child to be a confident child with high self esteem.

5.       Family time. A stay at home4 mother will have enough time to dedicate to her family and this will ensure one close and happy family. She will get enough time to cook well for her family, do errands, laundry e.t.c. and ensure that each family member is happy and content by taking care of their different needs.

6.       A happy and satisfied husband. Trust me, the husband will be the happiest man around as all his needs will be fulfilled by the stay at home wife. A stay at home mom will get time and find joy in making sure the husband is well fed, sexually satisfied, crisp clean and ironed clothes and this is all possible by a woman who stays at home and makes it her goal to take good care of her family.

7.       No more fast food. A stay at home mom will find time to cook delicious home made food for her family and this will erase the lifestyle of eating junk food and other fatty and unhealthy foods. The family will enjoy healthy and appetizing dinners, breakfast and even lunch for the kids.

8.       Office stress. This is the best benefit ever of being a stay at home mom. No more work related stress. No more dealing with a pile of paperwork on your desk, no more being answerable to your boss, no more freaking out that you will be late because of early morning traffic, no more office drama. Now, that is one good life.

9.   The new boss. The boss that you had to deal with when working was at times unreasonable, mean, sweet, hostile or even at times good. Bosses vary. Anyway now that you are a stay at home mom, your boss is your child and yourself, but mostly your boss will be your child, and you will be doing everything and anything for this little sweet bundle from changing diapers, to cleaning up split milk and also your timetable will tend to lie around your baby’s activities, and oh! How you will love working for your new boss.

10.   Saving on nanny expenses. By sticking at home with the kids, a stay at home mom gets to save the family quite some substantial amount that would have been used to pay a baby sitter or nanny at the end of each month.

11.   Joy and contentment. A stay at home mother will find great joy and happiness in staying at home and looking after her family. Nothing will equal the deep feeling of warmth and love that comes when watching a child grow day by day. There is no end of month salary for stay at home mothers but the daily feeling of love and joy in the family is worth it.

12.   Hobbies and other activities. Due to the fact that the mother is now at home, she will find time in between her schedule to do other activities that she desires and at the same time get time for her hobbies such as reading, swimming or even cooking. A stay at home mom will also get to time her own activities at her own convenient time. And the best thing of this is that you get to enjoy your hobbies with your babies, such as swimming.


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