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Hispanic Baby Girl Names: Origin & Meanings

Updated on October 12, 2014

Hispanic Girl Names

You cannot wait for your little girl to come. But while you are sure it will be the finest little thing in the world, you are still struggling to find the perfect name. We will help you make this very important choice by showing you the best Hispanic (Spanish) Girl names.


Topping the list, the name Lucia, which comes from the Latin "lucens" meaning light, was born with the first light of day.

There are many good things associated with the name Lucia and that is why it is the most popular Spanish baby girl names of all time.

People with this name have been known to have perseverance, integrity, wisdom and mystery. They have also been known to love accomplishments and for being innovative.

Most of the qualities associated with the name Lucia are useful in professions such as doctors, nurses, social workers, architect, interior decorators, chefs and teachers.

St. Lucia is also the patron saint of the blind, and who according to legend was a Sicilian martyr under Emperor Galerius who regained sight despite her eyes had been gouged.

Nice, friendly, affectionate, sympathetic and evocative, Lucia is one of the names that are easily remembered.

In ancient times, it was often used to name girls who were born at dawn.

Variants in other languages​​

English: Lucy; German: Lucia or Luzie,

French- Lucie

Italian –Lucia

Portuguese- Lúcia

Catalan: Llúcia


Paula is the feminine of Paulus or Paul meaning "small". This name owes its popular dissemination to the apostle Paul who changed his real name from Saul to Paul as a sign of humility before Christ.

Paula is a very shy person, who keeps to herself and occasionally tries to hide her shyness under a mask of authoritarianism.

She is a thorough but unimaginative worker. She needs to be surrounded by her family and obtain approval of the choices she makes in her life.

She is a person who gets carried away by others and is not resentful, but easily forgives anyone who does something bad. In love she is guided more by their feelings than logic or reason.

This leads her to have frequently heartbreak.


Bible character, Maria was the wife of Joseph and mother of Jesus, the divine child. She rose and followed him to Calvary. Devotion to Maria developed from the fourth century and gave rise to the formulation of two Catholic dogmas: that of the Immaculate Conception of Mary (1854) and the Assumption (1950).


The chosen, the beloved of God. Of biblical origin. Mother of Jesus.


She is idealistic, sensitive and kind in her dealings with others. Sometimes she needs time to reflect. Engages in friendships that are sociable and communicative. When she loves someone, she lets reason rein and is guided by the heart.

Important Dates:

January 1st (Holy Mary, Mother of God).

May 19 (Mary, Mother of the Church).

Famous people:

Mary Stuart (Queen of Scots).

Marie de Médicis (queen of France).

"Mary" (the name of several queens of France, England, Hungary and Portugal).

Maria Callas (soprano).

Mariah Carey (singer).


The original Hebrew name means "princess" or "mistress." Intellectual woman, wife of Abraham, is a character in the Old Testament.

Hebrew origin.
Variant: Sarah.

She is feminine, restless, logical and honest. She is always mindful of her loved ones
to whom she gives help when needed. Sociable and friendly.

Love Life:
She needs a steady partner but without losing her independence.

Famous People:
Sarah Ferguson (ex-wife of Prince Andrew of England).
Sara Montiel (actress and singer).
Ibanez Sara (poet).
Sarah Vaughan (jazz singer).


Daniela is the feminine form of Daniel, first of Hebrew origin whose translation is "God is my judge."


Female name of Hebrew origin, meaning "God is my judge" or “God's Justice”. The name is a feminine form of Daniel.

She is cheerful, communicative and supportive. She is always willing to help when someone needs it and is kind in her treatment of others.

Daniela is a very independent, while at the same time a liberal person.

She does not like rules and regulations, and prefers to be guided more by instinct than by others.

She is cheerful, but is very bored by things that always happen at the same time.

In the work arena, she is not very disciplined and orderly, and will occasionally get in trouble in this aspect. In the love area, she is usually quite emotional with her acquaintances.

Love Life:
Is sensitive and requires that her partner is faithful and stable.

Famous People:
Daniela Mercury (singer)
Daniela Cardone (model) .
Daniela Urzi (model).


It is a female name that comes from the Germanic word Kart, which translates as "strong, virile, bold"

Specifically, it is the Italian feminine form of Charles

It has several meanings in Italian:

• Powerful

• "The One that is strong"

• Princess

•"strong and courageous woman"

• Strong character


Sofia is a name of Greek origin meaning wisdom, intelligence, science, etc.


Alba comes from the Latin "lux alba" or "white light" that it stands for the arrival of dawn. This name is very common in Romance languages​​, and Spain, it corresponds to a line of nobles related to the British aristocracy.


Claudia is the feminine of Claudio, first widely used by entire Roman families in the past. Its origin comes from the Latin "Claudus."


Martina is the feminine form of Martin, derived from the Latin "Martinus", derived in turn from "Mars", the meaning of which would be dedicated to the god Mars or parent. March was in ancient Rome the god of war.


Marta means "lady." Santa Marta was the sister of Lazarus and Maria De Betania (later identified as Mary Magdalene)


Valeria is a Roman name meaning "be strong." This name represents power, domination or courage.


In Latin, it is said that the name is inspired by Mount Carmel in Galilee (karm el meaning "vine of God"). But Carmen is also "singing" in Latin. It is also through this, through an opera by Georges Bizet, that this name will become world famous.


Adriana is a Latin and Greek female name. Its Latin origin, meaning is "the sea". However, its Greek origin, meaning is "distinguished."


Originally Greek, Elena means "shining like the sun", "bright". Legendary character in the Iliad, it was considered the most beautiful woman in Greece.


Noa comes from the Hebrew "No'ah" meaning "movement" and also related to "No'am" which means "joy." This is a women's biblical name.


In Basque origin, Ainhoa ​​means "fertile ground." Our Lady of Ainoa is the godfather of the city in the Basque Country, whose neighborhood is his sanctuary.


Nerea vest of Greek origin and means "that governs the sea." It looks a lot like "Nereos" which is the Greek god of the sea. Moreover, Nerea is also Basque origin and comes from "nere" which means "mine".


Aitana is a name from the province of Alicante. Other sources connect it to an Arab origin whose meaning would be "our people."


Natalia has a Latin origin, "natalis" root meaning "birth home". This name is used among Christians and Roman in connection with the birth of Jesus, Christmas.


Andrea, in Spanish, is the feminine form of Andrew, whose name comes from the Greek "andros" which means "young man". St. Andrew was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, brother of Peter, martyrs on a cross-shaped blade, called "cross of St. Andrew."


Rocío has "roscidus" meaning "wet with dew." It is a very popular name in Andalusia, particularly in the province of Huelva.


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