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How to get your child to study

Updated on July 22, 2012

Learning made easy

Everyone wants to have brilliant children. Everyone can have brilliant children. It does not take a rocket scientist or a degree from the best university to acquire that, (even though that is a plus). It takes time, enthusiasm, a few tools, a healthy child and much patience. With these you are sure to have a brilliant child or brilliant children. Bear in mind that whatever you sow, you reap. What you put in you get out.

On this page I will share with you the strategy I have used to get my children to review and study their school work. Other tips are included.

Children live what they learn

Teach them

Children oftentimes copy their parents, guardians and just about anyone they share their lives with on a daily basis. Therefore it is recommended that we portray that which we desire of our child or children.

On the right is a photo of my two girls, Jeniel and Maurissa. On this occasion we were getting ready to go to the supermarket. After I applied my make-up, Jeniel took the blush brush and started brushing away on Maurissa's face. It caught my attention and I quickly took a candid shot of them. This had confirmed once again, that children live what they learn.

So, if your children sees you excelling, most likely they'll excel.

If they see you constantly edifying and educating yourself, whether by reading, researching, watching educational materials or going to classes (just wanting to know more). You will have little or no problem with them when it comes to studying or learning.

Otherwise, do not blame your child too much if you have a lackadaisical attitude and your child has the same.

Whatever the case, always encourage your child to do better and to excel.

The strategy

Let your children teach you

Yes, that's what I said. Let your children teach you. I have been doing that for a while now and it works. Whatever my children are taught at school, I allow them to teach me. Naturally you would have already learn whatever lesson they are presently learning. Nonetheless, let them teach you. This is a way to find out if they understood and grasp what was taught and it will also be embedded in their brain because they were able to teach you.

Every Sunday is review day for my girls, and oh how I love that day.

Lerning is inevitable when children have the right tools - Supplies needed for the coolest review and study strategy

The Board Dudes Chalk Boards Wood Frame 23 x 35 inches
The Board Dudes Chalk Boards Wood Frame 23 x 35 inches

A large enough chalkboard, enough space for an untrained teachers to express themselves

Crayola Nontoxic Anti-Dust Chalk, White, 12 Sticks/Box (50-1402)
Crayola Nontoxic Anti-Dust Chalk, White, 12 Sticks/Box (50-1402)

Anti-dust chalk, the best to use. It lessens/eliminates allergic reactions


Strategy Explained

Make it fun

Ask your child, "What happened at school today"?

Although in this case you want to hear about the lessons taught, some children may mention things other than the lesson.

As parents we know exactly how to lure our children in the direction we want them to go, so do that.

Remember whatever you do ,make if stress free make it fun. Go easy on this.

When you've got them to talk about the lesson, play pretend. Act as though you don't quite understand what they are trying to convey. Now, pop the question. 'Could you please show me how, on the chalk board'?. This most times usually with mathematics and other subjects related to quantities, calculation, operation, problem solving, (fill the gap). This strategy can also be used in science subjects example drawing the food chain, heart, digestive system etc.

Be a good student

Make it fun

Get the chalk the chalkboard and eraser and give your teacher/child your undivided attention.

Like any student in a classroom, you should respect your teacher, pay attention, ask questions politely, participate and work together with your teacher as a team.

Make it exciting, pretend you are learning what is being taught for the first time.

If your child stumbles along the way, please help in the most unique way possible. Avoid making it obvious that you already know what is being taught. That would make the exercise nonsensical. Bear in mind, you are the student.

Will you be able to act/pretend you are a student who is just learning.

Do you think you can pull it off?

See results

Need some asssistance on this topic? - Read about it

How do you get your children to study? - Is there any other strategy that you think will be more effective than my strategy?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I don't know if my idea would be more effective than yours, but I see many children who don't know that what they study are apart of their lives. Books around the house connects them to the idea of reading. Picking out a hobby and getting books on it, connects them. Forming a pen pal (with supervision) on line in another part of the world connects to writing and geography. Giving them a small task of shopping at the store (for small items) and then have them do the check out with supervision(of course) helps them to learn math and how it applies to money oriented jobs. Taking them to stores that sell jewelry and crafts from around the world(like global exchanges) teaches them about art and its connection to commerce. Teaching them how to make a simple but beautiful thing(like a painted rock) and selling it to friends and neighbors helps them to learn about money. When I was young we made dioramas( small replicas of homes or rooms in a home) and then decorated them. They could do a diorama of their room and how they would want it decorated and then learn the basics of interior design. Anyway, I think you're doing a fantastic job and just wanted to share these tips with you.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Another delightful Lens, excellent tips!

    • agoofyidea profile image

      agoofyidea 6 years ago

      Great tips. Nice lens.

    • maurissam profile image

      Chocolate Pickney 6 years ago from Jamaica

      @MintySea: You're welcome MintySea, thanks for stopping by

    • maurissam profile image

      Chocolate Pickney 6 years ago from Jamaica

      @spartakct: You are welcome sparktakct

    • maurissam profile image

      Chocolate Pickney 6 years ago from Jamaica

      @jdwheeler: Answering their questions with more questions it a good tip, thanks JDWheeler

    • profile image

      MintySea 6 years ago

      thanks for these tips

    • spartakct profile image

      spartakct 6 years ago

      nice information, thanks!

    • maurissam profile image

      Chocolate Pickney 6 years ago from Jamaica

      @Fanstanding LM: you are most welcome

    • Fanstanding LM profile image

      Fanstanding LM 6 years ago

      No. Great Strategies - You are on the correct path. Thanks for sharing!

    • jdwheeler profile image

      jdwheeler 6 years ago

      Like you said, try and make it fun. Answer their questions with more questions to get them really thinking about the subjects.