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Back in Time; like Clockwork

Updated on January 7, 2013

Going out on your own shall forever be an everlasting life experience. With every fiber of our being, we are shaped through the sum of our life‘s experience. It is unique to each of us; as we go out to conquer and unleash ourselves unto the world. The world is a worthy adversary and its precision counters like clockwork without conscience.

The young couple had settled into a routine. They worked the afternoon shift at the Golden Corral leaving them to look forward to a quiet recollection of their day at the Midnight hour. Slowly they prioritized their purchases and were building a home for the future. It would still be months before the baby was due. Typically it was a part of the conversation at the end of their day. The Mother to be may have mentioned a friend could be stopping by.

As the hour grew later, there was a knock beckoning upon the young couple’s door. Kevin no longer had the surroundings and subconscious cue of parental security. He hesitated before he heard the words from his partner cajoling him to open the door. It merely takes a split second split for fate to intervene. Fore the power of destiny is the anticipatory roadmap of our individual journey through life. The sequence of the simple task was all too safe and familiar a habit.

The subtle click of the dead bolt into the unsecure position would open the door to a perpetual nightmare. This unconscious repetitious task was accompanied by the winds of change. The force from the opposing side was swift as the pregnant couple was stunned to their heels. The trio of thugs had achieved their objective to gain entry into the sanctuary of the couple’s apartment home. They were at the mercy of their attackers. Before an utterance could be uttered, before a thought could be thought… The question of mercy was answered with a Brass knuckled erupting blow to the prospective father's face.

The volcanic power knocked him reeling to the floor as the flowing lava of red fluid instantly found its way to his eye. His initial thought was to relock the door, as if he could turn back the clock of shock and terror. Kevin staggered blindly to his feet as his instinct of survival kicked in. His initial attempt to protect his partner would be met with yet another glancing gust to his head.

The attackers proceeded with experienced precision, each carrying out their prearranged assignment. The woman was taken into the bedroom, the man to the bathroom while the third accumulated the loot of their conquest. The prospective dad in the bathroom refused to lose consciousness despite the physical beating he was subjected to. Kevin resisted his assailant as they lurched into the bathtub. The head thud upon impact found Kevin atop of his adversary.

The dazed attacker called out for the assistance of a knife, but there would be none in their humble abode. Kevin began screaming for help and soon heard Kiley in their bedroom following his cue.The young couple’s unrelenting cries for help accelerated the invaders decision to flee, for their predetermined attack time had been curtailed. Without doubt, the truly terrifying Kubrick nightmare occurs when one is fully awake.

The weight of the crown is heavy upon the head of the King…It’s the story of the Sword of Damocles which hangs heavy upon the soul of those whom possess the throne. It’s inherent with the contradiction of philosophical perception. I’ve heard it said; it’s the unpaid bill which Karma feels is long overdue when the winds blow ruthlessly. I choose; rather I pray to believe in time we determine our own destiny…even though fate may knock upon the other side of the door.

Bewildered and bemused from the sound of a ringing telephone in the middle of the night, I heard my son’s voice on the other end of the line. “Dad I need you.”


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