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I Hope They Dance: Children And The Humanities

Updated on September 3, 2020

My granddaughters have loved to dance since they could walk. It was such a joy for me to attend their first dance recital just before Christmas. There was a maturity blooming out of them as they performed. A sense of self confidence was blossoming. I could see a self awareness begin to emerge which to be honest I don't believe I had for many years well into my adulthood. As a grandmother I was of course very proud of them to have immersed themselves into their classes and to perform so well. But, what really impressed me and filled me with gratitude was the inner strength each of them had so obviously (if only to me) developed in the short time they have been participating in dance classes.

I believe a dance class, or other creative art, is a great enhancement tool for any child. If this kind of activity isn't accessible then do some things at home even if it is just making clay art in the kitchen or singing along with the radio together. Dance, sing, draw, and find some outlet which will fill a child with self confidence, internal strength, self awareness, and most of all memories to carry with them as they grow up and enter into the world.

Creative art (music, dance, drawing, and so forth) can open so many opportunities for children. They can learn how to cope with thoughts and emotions, find an outlet and processing ability for understanding situations (such as loss and fear). Children will learn from how they see adults cope with situations but above all they are going to have better long term living skills when they find their internal strengths and combine them with good examples in their lives.

Give The Children Opportunities To Discover

The author of "The Dance" has shared about an experience with a child and dancing. Each child has a unique and awesome talent they only need to find opportunities to discover it and develop the skills to embrace and grow in the direction their gifts will lead them in. It is an amazing process to watch as a parent, grandparent, or watching the children of friends and family. If you have children or grandchildren this would be a great book to read and to give as a gift to parents.

It is so fun to watch these children and teens at their dance recitals. You can see by these examples there are so many amazing benefits to encouraging children to participate in dance, music, art, or science (or any combination of them) to enhance their development.

My children and grandchildren are amazing. They each have developed their talents over the years. Theater Arts and Science are the two most important things in our lives because they give us not only internal skills but we develop relationships with others who are also involved in the arts.

Soulfire Dance Recital

Pixabay Public Domain Commercial License
Pixabay Public Domain Commercial License

The arts are universal all around the world. Children everywhere can have the opportunity to be exposed to as many artistic humanitarian topics as possible during their formative years. I love the opportunity to explore classical music and traditional dance as well as more contemporary and modern. I always remember something Walt Disney said when I was a child. He made a decision to include classical music (like Tchaikovsky and Strauss) to ensure children would have an opportunity to listen to and appreciate fine classical music. And, not surprisingly, Disney programs were the only place I heard these amazing musical talents while I was a child. I loved his ability to see a need and fill the need.

Over the years I have learned a lot about child development as well as facilitated countless gatherings of children and adults alike to explore our hidden talents or to develop them once we have discovered them. I have learned by my experience and working with others it is a lot easier for people who have started out early in the process of discovering their natural strengths.


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Create! Nurture your creativity!

I feel it is most important to start sharing about the humanities with children early. Read to them, sing to them, dance with them, take them to theater (ballet, classic live music) and give them food for thought to explore and find their passions. When you notice an interest give them more. And don't start making plans for their professional life just yet... they might like to explore deeper into just about everything.

One day that one thing which kindles a fire within them, they will begin to think upon it day and night, then encourage them to stick with it practice and develop a talent. Struggles along the way are easier to cope with when we have encouragement and we have already identified what our passion is. I believe we are born with something unique and we only need to identify it and nurture it to develop it. Our skill might be painting, dancing, singing, writing, or any number of things. Even cooking is an art. Making clothes, building bridges, and designing self sustainable space stations, all end up in the arts and sciences and make humanity unique in all of creation.

Create! Nurture your creativity! And teach our children to do the same.

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May 2014: Discovered the book "The Dance" and began writing the article.

December 2013: The Recital on December 20, 2013, was amazing!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Deb Bryan


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