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Top Icoo Stroller Models 2013

Updated on March 5, 2013

What are the Top Rated - Most Popular Icoo Strollers?

Icoo Stroller - With so many strollers to choose from, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with stroller features.  With an Icoo stroller though, trust that you're getting the best of the best.

Icoo is known for producing some of the most revolutionary and amazing stroller innovations in the industry and maintaining their quality levels at the same time.

The Icoo stroller designs are not only amazingly beautiful and rugged, but their highly engineered structures are unbeatable with their competition. These pram strollers are built to last a lifetime. Most of the strollers even feature polished aluminum frames with encased bearings, a high end feature that is quite costly to produce.

There really is no comparison when it comes to luxury strollers. These are beautiful and very durable and many of the Icoo models work from birth to 3 years old. You really can't ask for more when looking at comparing stroller brands to an Icoo stroller.

With an Icoo Stroller, you'll never have to worry about your child outgrowing the pram, the stroller wearing down or failing for many years - You can even hand them down without worry!

This is an amazing stroller from Icoo. The model is the Icoo Targo and the color this one comes in is Mocha. This is truly the ideal combination of form and function, The beautiful design of this pram is what catches the eye at first. This stroller is know for its amazing handling and extremely smooth ride.

The most popular and well pronounced feature is the elevated height. This revolutionary design allows you much more control and stability. Not only is it a great structural design but it also elevated baby to give them a better view. You wont have to bend down to see or touch your child either.

This design elevates the baby to a table height with all but eliminates having to use a high chair when you go out. This amazing stroller also offers abundant storage with its built in bunting bag. The foot rest is adjustable and the back is super easy to recline.

  I rate this stroller a 8 out of 10 stars


This is another amazing design from Icoo. This Icoo stroller is the Icoo Pluto model. This is truly the Ferrari of strollers. It features a highly polished aluminum frame as well as cased bearings and high end independent suspension for an ultra smooth ride. This stroller has the largest seat of any stroller on the market and is weight tested to hold up to 50 pounds.

The extra wide seat has a multi height adjustable harness to fit almost any size as well as an adjustable canopy and foot rest. You truly have to see it up close to appreciate the craftmanship of this Icoo stroller!

  I rate this stroller a 8 out of 10 stars

While not an Icoo, this Roan Rocco stroller is another amazing and highly rated pram strollers. This amazing stroller features a birth to 3 years bassinet. This unique style has your baby facing you instead of away. This gives you the ultimate in control and safety. You can easily see and tend to your baby. It also rates very well to the Icoo stroller models.

The seat has an adjustable backrest as well as 5 point harness. The foot rest drops down when baby is old enough providing you with an amazing stroller for toddlers. The bassinet can be installed in either direction giving you options. The bassinet also comes with easy carrying handles.


  I rate this stroller a 10 out of 10 stars

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Icoo Stroller
Icoo Stroller

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