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Imaginext Batman Cave

Updated on October 27, 2012

Imaginext Batcave Playset

The Imaginext Batcave by Fisher Price is a fun and interactive toy for your young Batman fans.

The Batcave comes with a ton of fun accessories that makes for hours of imaginative fun.

It opens ups for playtime, and folds back up for easy storage and portability.

Calling All Little Batman Fans!

Your young Batman fans will flip over the Imaginext BatCave by Fisher Price!

The Bat Cave is interactive and provides hours and hours of imaginative fun. It does not have any sound effects or electronic parts, which makes it even better in terms of allowing the kids to use their imaginations.

When your Bat fans are finished playing with the BatCave, it folds up for easy storage and portability.

Long-lasting Play

My son received this several years ago as a Christmas gift. He is now 7-years-old, and he STILL enjoys playing with it.

The set itself comes with a Batman figure and a Robin figure whose feet fit into the little "footprint" areas that activate the different gadgets like:

  • the elevator
  • 2 drawbridges
  • a bat hook
  • a spiral window

Now that he's older, I see him using other action figures - like his Spiderman and even his Star Wars figures - while he's playing. They're bigger than the figures designed for the Bat Cave, but he doesn't seem to mind at all.

See It In Action!

The Fisher Price Bat Cave has great accessories included

There are some neat accessories included in the Imaginext Bat Cave by Fisher Price.

With the Bat Cave, you also get:

  • Batman Figure
  • Robin Figure
  • Batcycle
  • 2 Batarangs
  • Staff
  • Launcher & spear
  • Satellite Antenna
  • Computer Command Center
  • Bat hook

Don't Forget the Villains!

Don't forget to add some villains to your collection to keep Batman and Robin busy!

Some of the available villains are:

  • Joker
  • The Penguin
  • Catwoman
  • The Riddler
  • Mr Freeze
  • Two-Face

Just remember that there are regular sized action figures, and mini-figures. The mini-figures are the ones that will fit the Bat Cave, so make sure it says that in the description.

Extend Play Time With These Villains! - (make sure they're the "mini figure" if you want them to fit in the Bat Cave)


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