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Increasing breast milk supply: How to increase breast milk

Updated on November 13, 2009

Ways to increase breast milk production

Why do women search for ways for increasing breast milk supply? Because breastfeeding is the absolute best way to feed your baby and give him all what he needs specially, during the first 6 months of his life. These are some simple tips for increasing breast milk supply without special medications or anything.

  • Initiate breast feeding immediately after delivery after both the mother and the baby are able to start, as long as both of them are in good health.

  • The most important stimulation for increasing breast milk production/supply is breast feeding! Suckling helps more milk production and flow so both breasts should be evacuated regularly and completely. This is important for both the mother and the baby.

Breast feeding is also good for the mother and it helps better involution of the uterus (due to suckling) and breast feeding generally reduces the risk of breast cancer.

  • Good nutrition of the mother. Make sure you are eating healthy food in enough amounts to maintain milk flow.

  • Drink plenty of fluids, it's important for the production of adequate milk supply specially in hot weather.

  • The emotional and psychological factor plays an important role here. Try to relax and reduce your stress levels and feed your baby in a quit place and in a comfortable position. The baby should be in semi-recimbent position.

  • Frequency of feeding: During the first 4 months try to feed your baby on demand. That is about 8-12 times per day. The duration of each feed should be between 5-10 minutes/feed. Remeber that during the first days of his life this is just about 1- minutes.

  • Frequent massage and warm baths for your breasts. Try to avoid engorgment by frequently feeding your baby and massaging your breasts, this will stimulate letdown and releive congestion.

  • Offer both breasts for your baby. After he feeds from one side and empties it, offer him the other side in the same or in the next feed.

  • Always make sure the nipples are health and clean. It's better to use water alone to clean the nipples as soap and detergents can cause irritation to the nipples.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol or caffiene as these might be transmitted to your baby. Caffiene may stimulate milk production but it also makes your baby irritated and insomnic.

These were some natural ways for increasing breast milk supply, in some countries certain foods are used as "lactagogues" to increase breast milk but these merely have psychological effect on the mother.


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    • Mezo profile image

      Motaz 7 years ago from Egypt

      thnx for stopping by, yes the pumps are a good idea :).

    • profile image

      Stacy 7 years ago

      These are great suggestions! To increase my milk supply I increased my pumpings and used a product called Breastea. My milk supply started increasing within the first few days.

    • Mezo profile image

      Motaz 7 years ago from Egypt

      thnx alot Narashiman :)

    • profile image

      Narashiman 7 years ago

      Hi Mezo,

      Thanks for your useful tips

      Narashiman RS

    • Mezo profile image

      Motaz 7 years ago from Egypt

      thanks for your nice comment, Purple Perl :)

    • Purple Perl profile image

      Purple Perl 7 years ago from Bangalore,India

      Very informative for new moms & moms to be. Thanks Mezo.