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Innotab 2 by VTech

Updated on August 30, 2017

An Innovative Learning & Development Tablet for Kids

The Innotab 2 gives kids from the age of 4 -9 the opportunity to have their very own tablet technology that will keep them fully engaged as they learn. It is a sleek and durable toy that accepts apps, can be used as a camera for both video and photographs and can be used as an eReader for animated, interactive eBooks.

It is practically and iPad for kids, with many of the features you will find on the grown up version, including a tilt sensor and touch screen with pop-up keypad. The screen is 5" and allows kids to create art, play games and use utlities like a calender and friends list. They can also learn to read through interactive e-books and there is no greater gift a parent can give their child than the ability to read and write.

The cartrdiges with licensed characters are supplied separately so you can choose which ones you want for your child to learn essential skills in creativity, logic and reading. You will also be able to track their progress on a range of educational lessons with built in milestones.

Don't forget you will need 4 AA batteries

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Combines educational games, creative activities and e-books on a multi-fucntional, multi-media touch screen tablet that's just the right size for young hands

Innotab 2 on Amazon - The top kids tablet

You have to be thinking that if your kids are aged between 4 and 9 wouldn't it be nice to give them a great present for Christmas or their birthday that will take the focus off your iPad and leave your grown up gadget to the grown ups. Well the Innotab 2 might just be the answer to your prayers.

VTech InnoTab 2 Kids Tablet, Pink
VTech InnoTab 2 Kids Tablet, Pink

The upgrade to the Innotab 2 may just make all the difference to whether it can grab your kid's attention and keep it.


Review of INNOTAB 2

Don't forget the minimum recommended age for this product is 4 years not 3 years

Know the product, review the specification listing to see what you get

INNOTAB 2 Specification Listing

  1. 5" resistive touch screen for stylus or fingers
  2. 2GB internal memory
  3. SD Card Slot for expansion of up to 16GB of memory (card not supplied)
  4. Tilt-sensor for motion based gaming
  5. Twistable photo / video camera for filming forwards or backwards (rotates 180 degrees)
  6. Microphone for video recording and game interaction
  7. Built-in movie player, MP3 player
  8. Can personalize the InnoTab 2 for up to four users with photo wallpaper, user name and avatar, a voice greeting and typed greeting
  9. Large selection of apps, e-books and videos to download (not supplied)

INNOTAB or LeapFrog

There are those that say the INNOTAB 2 is a bad copy of the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer, but what do you say?

Which is the best, the INNOTAB 2 or the LeapPad2

Must Have INNOTAB 2 Accessories - Accessory Number 1

Save on batteries with the mains supply adapter for the Innotab 2

Vtech InnoTab Power Adapter Bundle: AC Wall Power Adapter & Car Charger
Vtech InnoTab Power Adapter Bundle: AC Wall Power Adapter & Car Charger

Don't disappoint your kids with a flat battery for their favourite game and save money.


Batteries or Charger? - That is the question

Some people hate leads and like the portability of a battery driven module, but what would your kids think.

Would you ditch the lead and go batteries all the way?

See results

Must Have INNOTAB 2 Accessories - Accessory Number 2

A sturdy storage case to prevent damage to the Innotab.

InnoTab V.Reader Storage Tote (Pink)
InnoTab V.Reader Storage Tote (Pink)

You need to make the Innotab easier to carry and protect it from damage.



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