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Not So Lazy Days: Kids beat obstacles in "ninja warrior" course

Updated on August 24, 2011
The first ninja warrior obstacle was climbing the rock wall.
The first ninja warrior obstacle was climbing the rock wall. | Source

Sports & Games

Our newest television obsession is American Ninja Warrior on G4 network. For the show, contestants must go through an insane obstacle course that tests their agility and strength.

The best five go to a boot camp for training, and the best 10 go to Japan to tackle the course only three men have beaten since, oh, 1997. The finale was this week (aired on NBC and G4), and I'm not sure if the boys fully comprehend this fact yet.

To satisfy their obsession, today I built a kiddie ninja warrior course at the local playground, The course started with the rock climbing wall. Then, they had to go down the stairs to the curb separating the mulch from the grass and balance walk along it.

Once completing that task, they had to pick up a ball and throw it through a hoop I tied to a tree. Then, they had the pick up the ball and carry it with them to the next obstacle.

Holding the ball, they had to run through four hoops on the ground. Next, they came to a pop-up net where they had to kick the ball they were holding into it.

After accomplishing that goal, they had to climb up what I call a clover ladder on the playground and then finish with a slide down the largest slide.

The only supplies I needed to bring were the ball, five hula hoops, the pop-up net and string and scissors (to attach the hoop to the tree).

Using the timer on my cell phone, I did time the boys at their request after a couple of practice runs. The oldest completed the course in 2 minutes, 40 seconds and the little one completed it in 3 minutes, 30 seconds. The little one would have had a faster time if he didn't pause over concern about the hat that fell off his head.

About the Not So Lazy Days series

I've challenged myself to find a new activity to do five days a week every week of the kids' summer vacation. Activities will fall under one of three categories: Arts & Crafts, Sports & Games or Field Trips. Follow me on Twitter @readallaboutsam for immediate updates on posts!


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    • thebookmom profile image

      thebookmom 6 years ago from Nebraska

      Awesome idea! What a cool quest you are one.

    • Lord De Cross profile image

      Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

      Very insightful hub.. looks like you love doing it!. Thumbs up! Kids can be a challenge