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Christmas activites for kids

Updated on December 3, 2013

Getting your kids into the Christmas spirit

Nowadays it can be kind of hard to get kids to enjoy other activities besides watching tv or playing videogames. Chances are they will endure whatever "exciting" game or craft that you have for them to try, but when it comes down to it they would much rather be crowded around an Xbox. Here are a few activities that will steer kids away from technology and get them more into the Christmas spirit.

Chalk Christmas lights

Christmas lights drawings that look like they really glow on the page. Easy and fun for any age.

Time required: 15minutes

Difficulty: easy

Cost: 5$


  • Thick paper (cardstock)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Colored chalk
  • Black construction paper
  • Silver sharpie


1. Cut a Christmas lightbulb shape out of your cardstock. This is your stencil.

2. Using your silver sharpie, draw the Christmas lights wire onto the black paper. When the wires have been drawn, draw the base of each lightbulb. This is where your lightbulb stencil will go.

3. Place your stencil above where you have drawn the lightbulb base, and trace around it with colored chalk. Do this for each base you have drawn.

4. Remove the stencil, and using your finger rub thechalk line you have drawn so it blends the chalk onto the paper. This creates the glow effect for your lightbulbs.

5. Hang your finished drawing and decorate for Christmas!

Diy sprinkles ornament

Cute, bright ornament filled with sprinkles to add a little pop to your Christmas tree.

Time required: 10minutes

Difficulty: easy

Cost: 5$


  • Clear ornament
  • Sprinkles (any color)
  • Clear glue


1. Squeeze a good amount of clear glue inside of your ornament.

2. Swirl the glue around inside, making sure that the entire inside of the ornament is coated in glue. This may take some time.

3. Pour a large amount of sprinkles into your ornament while the glue is still wet (enough to fully coat the inside).

4. Shake shake shake! Making sure to get a good layer of sprinkles on the inside of the ornament.

5. Set aside to dry, and then hang on your Christmas tree.

Reindeer food

Every year at Christmas, you help your kid to bake cookies for Santa. But what about his reindeer? I'm sure they get hungry too on their long flights across the entire world. This tutorial will show you how to help your child create a glittery, sparkly reindeer food to put out on Christmas eve.

Time required: 5minutes

Difficulty: easy

Cost: 5$


  • Oatmeal
  • Sprinkles
  • Glitter
  • Candies
  • Multiple bowls


1. Gather all of your supplies. What all goes into your reindeer food is completely up to you. Decide what all you want to include (Candy, oatmeal, sprinkles, glitter, confetti) and divide it into various bowls.

2. Let your child combine the "ingredients" of their choice into a large bowl, and stir together.

3. On Christmas eve, set the bowl outside and then empty it in the morning before they wake up, so they can see that the reindeer thoroughly enjoyed the food.

Christmas snowglobes

A popular thing you see at Christmas time are snowglobes. While they may be cute as Christmas décor, or good ifts to give to a friend or a neighbor, they aren't nearly as fun as making your own.

Time required: 20minutes

Difficulty: medium

Cost: 10-15$


  • Small mason jar
  • Clear glue
  • Glitter, fake snow, or confetti
  • Small figurine
  • Hot glue gun


1. Using your hot glue gun, securely glue the figurine to the inside of the mason jar lid.

2. Fill the mason jar almost entirely with your clear liquid glue.

3. Add your glitter, or whatever else you decide to be the "snow" for your snowglobe.

4. Place the lid back on the mason jar, and screw firmly back on. (At this point you can put a little hot glue on the inside of the lid for a better hold).

5. Gently shake and enjoy.

Wilton Animals and Stars 6 Mix Sprinkle Assortment
Wilton Animals and Stars 6 Mix Sprinkle Assortment
Bright and colorful, perfect for Christmas crafts.

What are you most excited for this Christmas?

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