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Not So Lazy Days: Little Red Riding Puppet

Updated on August 30, 2011
The Wolf, Grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood wait to dry.
The Wolf, Grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood wait to dry. | Source

Arts and Crafts

The final Arts and Crafts project for the summer is a repeat from last year that the boys enjoyed so much, they still have it and sometimes play with it.

They make and perform a puppet show. This is a two-day project because of drying time.


  • Popsicle sticks
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Anything your child may want for embellishments (we used none)

First, the children had to decide what story their puppet show should be based on. I tell them to think of a story they know well and can retell easily. Last year, they chose The Three Little Pigs. This year, Little Red Riding Hood won.

To help them, I drew forms for the bodies on white (for the humans) and brown (for the wolf) sheets of construction paper. The oldest then cut the forms out, and the boys started coloring in the characters. For the title character, they cut out a cape from red construction paper. They also cut out Grandmother's hat from blue construction paper.

Once they were completed, we turned them into puppets by adding popsicle sticks. I placed a line of glue halfway down a popsicle stick and the little one added it to the bottom of a puppet, leaving the non-glue part as over hang. We repeated this for each puppet.

They will probably practice their show at least once before performing it for Mommy and Daddy. Come back later in the week for the performance...

About the Not So Lazy Days series

I've challenged myself to find a new activity to do five days a week every week of the kids' summer vacation. Activities will fall under one of three categories: Arts & Crafts, Sports & Games or Field Trips. Follow me on Twitter @readallaboutsam for immediate updates on posts!


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