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Memories Made with My Grandson

Updated on November 17, 2014

I live over an hour away from my only grandson. He is definitely a bright spot in my life. I try to get him as often as I can. I know I miss so much, by not living close to him. I made a promise the day he was born, I would always be a big part of his life. On the day he was born, it rained extremely hard. I was so afraid of flooding, and I would not be able to make it to the hospital. It was a two hour drive from my home. I was extremely apprehensive about leaving my husband due to the fact we lived near a river, and the fear of flooding was definitely eminent. My husband told me to go, I needed to be there for the birth of my grandson.

If anyone has read my hub pages, they know rain is symbolic in my life. I feel the rain was tears of joy from heaven, for my grandson, from his big sister.

Ever since he was only a few months old, I would bring him to my house for visits. However, there was several months I was unable to do so. I have a husband who has been very sick over the course of the last year and a half. As a result, he has been in and out of the hospital. This made it very difficult getting my grandson to my house for visits.

He may be only two, but he knows he's got Mamma right where he wants her. He has a wonderful personality. You never know what he may say or do. He's just full of surprises. I've always tried to make sure he gets what he needs and then some. His mommy tells me I'm going to make him have a shoe fedish, if I'm not careful. She said one day he told her when she was putting his shoes on she needed to tell Mamma Cindi, she needed to buy him new shoes because those were too tight. On my way home, I did just that. I texted his mommy to let her know. She 'lol' in a message, and told me he didn't need another pair. She said he only had twenty pair he could choose from which I had already bought him.

Grandchildren are there for the spoiling. It's all about making them happy. He's so full of energy. He loves to help do everything. One morning I had turned on the television for him to watch cartoons. When I say you never know what he will say, I was right. The next words out of his mouth was "Mamma you need to fix me something to eat". He had just got up, but he thought he needed to eat right then. As I headed to the kitchen and started to fix breakfast, he came running in wanting to know what I was making. I explained to him I was making pancakes and sausage for our breakfast. The next thing you know there he was perched on the bar stool, all ready to help. He loved stirring the pancake mix. As soon as his Pappa and Uncle J came into the room. He chirped, "I helped fix pancakes". He was so proud of his accomplishment. Nothing is more precious then watching his face light up.

A few weeks ago, I promised when he came to visit we would buy him a new bike. I asked him what kind he wanted. He adamantly told me "he wanted a bwoo(blue) one". My son and I took him to Walmart to pick out his new bike. He picked out a red and bwoo (blue)one. We let him try it out in the store. He thought that was just great. We tried to get him to choose a Toy Story 3 bike, but he kept going back to the 'bwoo' one. We tried to get him to try the Spiderman bike. He was determined he was going to have the 'bwoo' one. So little man, got his 'bwoo' bike. These are the memories you can never replace.

"A granddaughter/grandson    is a gift from above .   one to cherish and to love."    Author: Unknown
"A granddaughter/grandson is a gift from above . one to cherish and to love." Author: Unknown

In the video below you will find one of those special memories made with my grandson. He loves books. He loves to be read to or just look at the pictures. At my house, we have enough books to start our own children's library. One thing my husband remembers when we first got together was how I would always read to my grandson's daddy every night. I continued this tradition with our son as well. The tradition lives on through my grandson, too. Memories are the one true thing nobody can ever take away from you. They are yours to treasure forever.


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