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The Fundamentals Of Bonding With Your Baby

Updated on August 16, 2016
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My career as a nurse along with my experience as a mother combined with my passion in writing hopefully delivers great reading for others.

All About Bonding With Your Baby

Bonding is all about falling in love with your baby. Nature has perfected an extraordinary way to ensure that your baby is protected and cared for. A baby can only cry to signal their needs and babies’ needs are really simple. Babies need nourishment and comfort from its mother. This article is to help you understand what better bonding means and how it can take place to its best advantage.

It is important to know what babies want.
It is important to know what babies want. | Source

Bond With Your Baby Immediately After Birth

It has been said that the amazing bonding interplay between a baby and its mother is best to be taken advantage of in the first twelve hours. Bonding of course is very possible after that time however the first twelve hours is the postpartum period that is very strong. For this reason mothers and babies should bond immediately after birth. Well bonded babies appear to be more likely to thrive and have fewer health problems. According to research babies that bond with their mothers immediately have unlimited skin contact and is nursed freely and openly seems to have different responses to their babies. Mothers who bonded with their babies seem to be more patient and are highly likely to continue breast feeding and are generally in tune with their child’s needs. The mother’s attitude and her child’s response establish a cycle of positive reinforcement.

Bonding early with your baby is not only essential to a baby's development but it is truly a special moment for you as a Mother
Bonding early with your baby is not only essential to a baby's development but it is truly a special moment for you as a Mother | Source

What Babies Want

Infants like appearances and in addition toys with high variation designs. Babies’ adore the sense of touch and skin to skin contact so regardless of the fact that you're not breastfeeding it's a smart thought to hold your youngster close to your body while you're bottle feeding. Babies incline toward sweet tastes yet they can recognize between sweet and bitter. Two day old infants who breastfeed can identify their mom's milk from others in light of scent alone.

Bond with your baby as early as you can, if possible hold your baby after the birth to develop an instant bond between mother and child
Bond with your baby as early as you can, if possible hold your baby after the birth to develop an instant bond between mother and child | Source

How Bonding Can Be Interrupted

The hour following the birth is critical to establishing strong bonds and they are hours that cannot be replaced. Given that there is a fairly narrow window of time for bonding to occur to best advantage. It is worth looking at the reasons why it is interrupted. If drugs are administered during labor the mother and the baby may diminish some focus. A woman who is under medication and is not alert may not be able to hold her baby, then bonding will less likely occur straight away. If you have had a natural birth with no medication then you can hold and nurse your baby without interference.

Talk and sing to your baby and your baby will respond to the emotional overtones of your voice, to the rhythm of speech and to the encouragement and love that you express. A new baby sleeping in your arms is similar to a good book – it is simply hard to put down.

If your birth is medically managed it is possible that you may experience some initial difficulty in relating to your new baby. Fortunately we are very resilient creatures and if you do not have that all consuming feeling of love for your baby straight away it will develop over the next few days. Mothers and fathers should try and spend as much time as they can with their baby by feeding and nursing them to sleep and carrying the baby close to your body.

If your maternal feelings do not manifest straight away don’t be alarmed not all relationship are built around the premise of love at first sight and that goes for a mother and a baby as well. Give yourself and your baby time to get to know each other.

If you haven’t had any children before one of the most disturbing feeling is being at two places at once. Because for the first time in your life you are concerned for another human being much at heart, as you split yourself in two and half of it is centered to your baby’s well being. This is unsettling for new parents and the best way to cope is to embrace it. Always remain confident that life will unfold in extra ordinary ways and that the love of a mother for a child will be more than enough to compensate for any grief and suffering.

Bonding With family Members


We all know the importance of early bonding between a mother and a baby. Fathers and siblings also need to bond with the new arrival. It is important that the siblings spend some time to get to know the baby. We are fortunate on our modern world that hospitals and birthing centers encourage the presence of the father during the birth. Your baby will ask for unexpected demands from you and the other family members may feel uncared for and unsupported.

Babies loves to be touched.
Babies loves to be touched. | Source

Touching Is Important To Babies

Touching is very comforting and your baby has an enormous need to be touched. Simply carry your baby close and the touch receptors in his body will stay stimulated. Almost unconsciously you will touch his face and stroke his head. It is very easy to satisfy this fundamental biological need if you carry your child close to you. As well as carrying him close you can learn some simple baby massage techniques which many women all over the world practice. As you massage your baby you will be able to see and see them physically relax. And when you touch your child constantly in this fashion babies will be aware of your feeling of warmth and love and it is most likely to return the warmth and care when they are able.

Despite believing passionately in the value of and need for a strong bonding experience with your baby you might find yourself in a difficult position of being unable to fulfill your goals as fully as you would like. If your baby needs medical requirement and needs to remain in hospital, you are going to have to grab on every opportunity you can to be beside your baby. You need to offer your baby the emotional caring he needs. If possible try and breastfeed your baby and be at the hospital during feeding time this is especially important if the baby was born prematurely.

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Bonding with a newborn should be done within the first 12 hours of birth

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Why Bonding With Your Baby Is Important

Bonding is a process that occurs in all species and researches have clearly shown that interrupted or disturbed bonding can have profound effects on the behavior of both mother and child. Your new baby must have all his senses stimulated if he is to grow and to learn. In particular he must experience almost constant movement if his nervous senses are to develop and function properly. Your babies well being will be your major concern for many years. The most important gift you can give your baby is your constant presence and unconditional love. Feeding your baby well and making sure that his environment is free from toxicity are also important factors. In the meantime if you stick to a good diet throughout conception and pregnancy and take regular checkups your experience will be trouble free.


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