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My special needs daughter

Updated on September 18, 2014

A Gift Sent To Me By God

We all love our children and they are all special and a gift sent to us by God. But I wanted to share one of those gifts and that is my daughter who is special needs. Her birthday is this month and thinking about her turning 20 has me thinking where has all those years gone?

At the age of two my daughter had e-coli which resulted into hemolytic uremic syndrome. My daughter is mentally challenged yet she understands her limits but others may not.

You see she looks like a normal teen but is more child like which makes her special. I was warned about how others will expect her to act her age and not understand her, not even professionals such as teachers etc. Well, that was true, family members claim that she is just a spoiled brat not really understanding that it had nothing to do with that.

Even with the school system, I had to take her out of school when she was in forth grade. I got tired of her being a burden to the teachers and her feeling left out in the class room. Plus not noticing that she left the school building and the teachers didn't even notice that she was missing. Until I went to pick her up and found her not there. To top that off the child advocate tried to protect them self by motioning to one of the advocates to keep her mouth shut when she was about to tell me how long she wasn't there.

Wow! Instead of protecting the child she was protecting their reputation which had me believing that she wasn't in a safe environment. The kids at school they were mean but again they were kids too, it still didn't make it right. She was hurt both physically and emotionally. With much turmoil not sure what I should do? I fell down on my knees and cried out to God!

My Special Needs Daughter

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The Lord Heard My Prayers

Psalm 34:17

The righteous cry, and the LORD hears And delivers them out of all their troubles.

I decided to homeschool my daughter! I wasn't sure if that was the best decision to make but it did help her self esteem because she no longer had a problem of thinking that people were making fun of her, she use to think that her own family was making fun of her that is when I knew for sure that she was not in the right place. They were not out for her best interest. The school system works for some but not for my angel.

Home schooling was really hard, I didn't always have the kind of patience that you should. That is why you would think; that instead of the school system sticking special children in with all the other children being the norm and having a child who can't keep up with the rest and feeling lift out. That they would of created a system where special people who had the knowledge and understanding to work with children like my daughter, not just throwing them in a class room where the teacher had no tolerance of them.

But I continued to work with her as hard as it was at times. I found that picking subjects that held her attention worked better for her. For example she loved animals so I would incorporate animals into her schooling.

She still loves doing that she writes a lot on animals and at the same time it helps her with her reading skills and writing skills.

They also have curriculums that cover most subjects like math, english, reading, writing you just have to make it fun so that they will take an interest.

I got her involved as an adult today with College For Life program which deals with special needs adults, but unfortunately now that is up in the air. Why? Because there is no funding for it no more and most of the people who went there were way older then my daughter, but she still liked going and being with other people.

I just wish there was something where they can connect with others closer in age. I did try to get the recreation center out here to see that, but they said that there aren't enough people who are interested in something like that.

I had a fall out with one of the workers there because we just couldn't see eye to eye on the subject. But that is to be expected when they don't have special needs children them self they really don't understand or care for that matter.

Being a single parent to a special needs child it can be pretty lonely at times for the parent who is the one taking care of a child with limitations, also because you feel like your alone in it with no support.

I have a man friend who understands it still isn't the same because I am the soul parent who has stuck by her and I plan on it until death do us part unless the Lord has a better plan it will have to be in her very best interest of course.


Matthew 19:14

But Jesus said, "Let the children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children."

My daughter has taught me what it is like to be childlike. She doesn't let things bother her like so many people do. She is so forgiving, she is very honest to a fault but yet honest lol.

My daughter is kind to others and very loving but not so much outwardly but still is. I have learned that the Lord calls us all to do the same to be childlike the way my daughter is. She already has a place in heaven waiting just for her.

I waited 17 years to have my daughter. Out of my three children my daughter is still with me and I love every minute of her being apart of my life.

Helping the caregiver that is committed to their loved one

This book offers stories by those who are raising a special needs child it gives the reader hope instead of despair, it encourages and makes you laugh too. These are true stories that are heart felt by the author.

My Daughter At The Grange Dance

Special Needs

Are you a special needs person?

See results

Your Heavenly Father Knows What You Need - even before you ask Him


Luke 11: 9-10

11:9 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

11:10 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened

Every day skills for special needs children

This is a great tool for teaching skills to the special needs. The author of this book agrees that the parents are the children's most influential teachers. It is an easy to read program to teach special needs the skills that will help them to living as independently and happily as possible in our community.

Homeschooling your child

Do you believe in homeschooling a child?

why do you believe that your child should NOT be homeschooled?

why do you believe that your child should NOT be homeschooled?

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    • srsddn lm 4 years ago

      It would not be wise to generlise and the decision on each child has to taken on her merits and the provisions. I would feel that as far as possible the child should be in a regular school or in a special school depending upon her capabilities. Only in rare case where schooling is adversely affecting the child, the home school option should be exercised.

    Why Do You Believe That It Would Be Better to Homeschool Your Child?

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      • Debbie 4 years ago from England

        Home schooling here in the UK is not as widespread as in the States. I'm on the fence with this one. I can see that in some cases, such as yours, homeschooling can be beneficial. But for others, not maybe. I work in the school system so perhaps I'm biased but I have met several children who don't fit the normal expectations and I feel their needs aren't met by the current system.

      • writerkath 4 years ago

        I don't have kids - but if I did, I'd actually be a little more inclined to get them into some kind of private school since I'm not terribly fond of how public education is going... Homeschooling is an interesting option - but I would just want to find a way to ensure that my child had friends and after-school activities with people his or her age.

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        For me because of circumstances I felt that the best thing for my child was to home school her so that she can be better equipped to learn in a loving atmosphere

      Bring out the best in your special child

      In this cd it shows how to help a child who even may be out of control to being more respondent. A couple who are grandparents got this cd by Noel and it helped their trouble grandchild turn around for the better.

      They shared that they were desperate because they were warned that if they didn't do something about their grandchild he would end up in a prison down the road. With not prevail they just wasn't getting anywhere.

      So out of their desperation they got this cd and learned how to communicate with their grandchild. It helped them understand more his behaviors with this program making it turn this around and giving them peace.

      Great testimony to how it helped turn the situation around not only for them but for their grandchild.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your own thoughts with us

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        • MelloKnitty LM profile image

          MelloKnitty LM 4 years ago

          Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! It would be lovely to hear some of your experiences with homeschooling your daughter :)

        • writerkath profile image

          writerkath 4 years ago

          Your daughter is beautiful, and God made sure to give her the best parent around! :) Squid blessed!

        • Magda2012 profile image

          Magda2012 4 years ago

          Thanks for sharing your personal story. God bless you and your daughter!

        • profile image

          anonymous 3 years ago

          You are both in my prayers. It must have been horrifying to go to the school and find her absent. That is beyond words, absolutly horrible.

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