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Updated on March 9, 2009

Nanny : Choosing the Perfect Nanny

In the past it wasn't very uncommon to fine nannies, it was very ordinary, and for a while it appears that they were out of style. Although they never vanished. Nowadays, they're back in style - most likely to stay.

The rich isn't the only people in need of the expert services they provide like:

• Extra pair of hands

• Another objective perspective on your baby

• Handles vacations

• Special help for new mothers

In order for the parent and the nanny to click, you need that all important formula to blend properly.

What is it?

Your perfect nanny is a person who reflects the same values and believes the parents themselves believe in.

Your nanny should be able to:

1. Follow your rules with out confrontation.

2. Recommend valuable suggestions and advice.A smooth working relationship depends on finding that combination, which will lead to confidence and trust in your nanny.

Also you're looking for these traits in your nanny, which will help her bond quickly with your child:

1. Pleasing

2. Likeable

3. Congenial

4. Understanding

5. Sensitive

6. Sympathetic

Babies function by sense of smell, touch and reduced vision. Any serious applicant should be introduced to the newborn. Just as adults do they do make understood important judgments. Some of the reactions you can expect is immediate crying or immediate motherly love. You'll want to get a nanny who demonstrate something closer to the latter, naturally.

Here's how a Nanny isn't suppose to behave!

As well, there are sensible considerations.

You'll fine that some individuals have more resistant's to illness than others and because of their circumstances they may be less frequently expose. Your part time nanny possibly will have more than a single family to care for. That introduces the likelihood of exposing your child to germs from others. Thorough reference checking would be provided by any reputable agency, and their employees or sub-contractors. That consist of criminal background checks, personal references from past clients, evidence of a good health certificate, and DMV history.

A nanny just starting out could turn out to be the perfect choice for your situation. We all must begin somewhere and a first-timer may well be the determined-to-do-well, eager-to-please nanny you are looking for.

The person applying for the nanny position may not have a lack of experience with kids. A lot of grandmothers, mothers, pediatric nurses and many others love the idea of being a nanny; they fine it a very fulfilling career. The best way to find out what their experience is with children is to simply ask.

Discuss specifics, once you've narrowed down the list of applicants to one or two.

Suggest a contract.

Usually an agency will have one available. Make sure you include a 90 day trial in your contract to allow either party to back out with out penalty. Ask about the options the agency provides as a temporary back-up in case it doesn't work out with your nanny. Ask about medical insurance and discuss paid vacations and sick leave.

Keep in mind, as emotional as the option may be in some respect, you are hiring a licensed expert to do an important job. In this hold process some portion has to be approached like a business, all the best.


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    • profile image

      Anouser 7 years ago

      I think the rules is an important issue.

    • profile image

      Abhinaya 9 years ago

      Very useful info for new mothers.Way back I saw video of a nanny ill-treating the baby she was supposed to look after.The suspicious parents installed a camera in the house and everything came to the forefront.She was fired immediately.Great hub!