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NVC Videos

Updated on June 19, 2014

Nonviolent Communication

This lens lists videos that explain Nonviolent Communication.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) has been described by Marshall Rosenberg, author of Nonviolent Communication, as a language of life. NVC helps us to connect with life, with our life force energy.

Like learning any new language, we have to practice NVC in order to become fluent in it. These videos make the process of learning and using NVC clearer.

Nonviolent Communication - A Language of Life

Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg explains in detail the elements of NVC, including

- observation

- feelings

- needs

- requests.

He says that we are more likely to get our needs met when we use NVC. For more about this, see my review: Transform Your Life with Nonviolent Communication. .

An Antidote to Conflict

We all experience conflict in our lives - with family members, friends, work colleagues and others. But what I have on my mind right now is all the conflict in the world.

Think about what is happening in Nigeria at the moment. In Kenya. In Afghanistan. In Syria. In the Ukraine. In Iraq. So much conflict. So many boots on the ground.

The world is crying out for NVC. These videos explain how NVC works and how to use it.

NVC Resources - Resources to Help with Learning and Using NVC

Below, I have listed books and DVDs which can help you with learning and using NVC.

NVC is a powerful resource that can help you to transform your relationships with your children and with everyone in your life.

Affirmations for Parents
Affirmations for Parents

My ebook about creating happy, harmonious relationships with your children and your family.

NVC is a powerful resource that can help you to transform your relationships with your children and with everyone in your life.


Video: FULL - Nonviolent Communication Workshop - Marshall Rosenberg - Marshall Rosenberg Breaks It Down

Marshall Rosenberg explains the reason for NVC - to teach us what we already know how to do, to communicate from the heart. Although we already know this, we frequently forget.

In order to encourage people to behave violently, we have to be educated to enjoy violence.

Marshall explains that the Nazis had a language that allowed them to commit atrocities. Adolf Eichmann says they had their own language, which Marshall calls "the language of no choice". This is one component of jackal language.

Marshall breaks it down. This is a long video, but it's brilliant. You may want to watch part of it, then come back to watch the rest later.

Marshall B. Rosenberg - How Do You Talk to Yourself about Making Mistakes?

In this video, Marshall explains how to deal with "why?" questions. "Why?"questions are often jackal language, and he describes them as "poorly expressed 'what?' questions".

They, along with most questions, are jackal, or, as he says here, "wolf" language.

Giraffes don't blame themselves when they make mistakes. They enjoy making mistakes, because they see them as opportunities to learn.

Marshall demonstrates how to convert jackal language into giraffe.

We also get a dose of Marshall's sense of humour here: "Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly".

This video includes a German translation, so it takes a bit of time to watch, but do watch it.

For more about jackal language and giraffe language, see: Transform Your Life with Nonviolent Communication.

Parenting with NVC - NVC for Parents

This video explains how you can use NVC to improve communication with your child.

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