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Pali Baby Cribs - When Your Baby Deserves The Best!

Updated on August 1, 2015

Is A Pali Baby Crib The Best Crib Around?

Pali offers both standard and convertible cribs with many designs and colors. Because of its long history in furniture making, it is a brand name many people trust to provide their babies with a safe and secure place to sleep in. No doubt, a Pali is an expensive crib but there are reasons to choose it over other cheaper models.

Firstly, Pali is an Italian brand name and as mentioned, it has been crafting children's furniture for a long time, over four generations in fact. With this experience, that is why Pali has become a much sought after brand name by parents looking for a baby crib.

Secondly, if you buy a Pali crib, you can be sure it meets the required safety standards with the company being a member of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). Pali uses non-toxic lead free paints as well as water-based glues and paints for all its cribs. The warranty period for all its cribs is one full year.

The downside to a Pali crib is its price which is more expensive than many other brands in the market and not all parents are willing to spend so much on a crib. The cheapest Pali crib would probably cost you over $300. But what you pay you will get back in terms of quality and durability. And if you are going to have more than one kid, a Pali crib would be a safe bet to give you years of use.

This page offers you info of Pali crib models to help you along with choosing the best crib for your baby.

Image Credit: The Pali Milano Fixed Sides Crib, courtesy of Amazon

Pali Baby Crib - Current Deal

Sometimes, you can qualify for free shipping when you buy a Pali crib from Amazon. Click on the link to get the latest offers.

The Pali Imperia is a very simple crib made of rubber wood, pine solids and birch veneer. It is convertible into a toddler bed, daybed and full-sized bed. However, you will need to buy the rails separately. You can also get it in white or vintage cherry.

The Pali Milano baby crib is convertible into a child's day bed. Made from radiata pine solid and ash veneer, it has a 3-position mattress support. It has a modern design and a toddler rail is also included. Available in white, mocacchino and a combination of the two colors.

Other Pali Baby Cribs To Look At

Is A Pali Crib Worth Buying?

Expensive a Pali crib is. When you can get another crib for slightly over $100, why would you want to pay triple the price or more for the same type of furniture?

Well, one of the main considerations in the price of the crib is the type of materials used in its construction. If you want to compare two cribs, then it makes sense to check out the type of wood used to construct the crib.

Then, there is the question of sturdiness. As your baby grows into a toddler, be prepared for him to jump and bounce on the crib or toddler bed. Some babies also like to shake and rattle a crib's dropside. This is why it is important to consider the longer term aspect of crib/bed usage rather than just buy based on price, especially of you are going to use it for more than one child.

So, whether a Pali crib is worth buying will depend on your preference for quality standards and how long you would want to keep the crib for. If you want a sturdy and durable crib, then it is a brand name you should consider. But if you are just looking for something that can last you 18 months or so before transferring your child to a brand new toddler bed, then perhaps a Pali crib is a little too expensive.

In other words, think of what you are planning to do with the crib after your baby has outgrown it, and you will have a better idea if it is worth it to spend so much on a crib such as Pali.

No Flimsy Crib For Your Baby!

If You Believe That Your Baby Deserves The Very Best, Order A Pali Crib Today! Let Your Baby Have The Safety & Warmth Sleeping Inside A Pali.


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    • JVandewalker LM profile image

      JVandewalker LM 7 years ago

      If you want a quality crib, Pali is definitely the way to go. Thank you for sharing Audreylai!

      If you want to get ideas on some great looking bedding to go with your crib, check out this designer crib bedding website.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Excellent lens on baby cribs, convertible baby cribs and all the other kinds of cribs that are most optimal for our youths today. Finding the best ornaments for your children is a must as it helps nurture sound development and growth in your and our children for the generation of tomorrow.