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Papa Mama Baby Sitting Bubby

Updated on September 12, 2013

Teaching Bubby To Learn

I like to write about most anything that comes to mind, although it has been quite some time since I wrote anything worth reading. I got up this morning with nothing to do but write I guess. My wife and I do some baby sitting with our youngest grandchild if you can call it baby sitting, I just call it loving him. Because we love him so much we have got so attached to him and he with us. Bubby is only two and I am sure most of you know what I mean by being attached.

We Do What We Do Out Of Iove For Our Grand Children - Old Folks Baby Sitting

You know what I mean he is our daughters son but he is our baby. We do this out of love for our kids and our grandkids. It is hard sometime when you reach our age to do what these little ones want. They love to play all the time and want you to play right along with them as though you was their age. I guess that's why they make Tylenol and aspirin for us old folks ha, ha! When you get pass fifty the arthritis begins with most folks some younger I guess. At the end of the day when our daughter picks up bubby to go home and he cry to stay longer with us it breaks might heart to see him cry. Even though next morning he is all smiles and his eyes light up when he see his papa and mama. And the day begins again with more play and love, makes it all worth while don't you agree.

  • It want be long before he will be ready to go to school along with the rest of his new friends he will make. We all want the best for our kids and our grandkids, so we begin teaching them at home at an early age. So we buy them all kinds of teaching aids to help them learn while they are young. Blocks with the letters a through z, with pictures and numbers on the side of each block to teach them the alphabet. And coloring books to learn them more skills as they grow. And as they age we teach them math and etc. One item we bought is a tote'go from v-tech, and bubby just love it. He learned to count to nine and say his abc's while listening to it and touching the keypad for the numbers and letters and use the mouse to play games. He really gets a kick out of it he learns and have fun at the same time. I heard about something new today to look into its called Your Baby Can Read! is a fun and easy to teach your baby to read, created by Dr. Robert Titzer, an expert of infant development and research.

Mama Bubby
Mama Bubby

Do Your Children Like Watching Learning Shows On Tv?

Bubby likes most of them

Tv is not the best place for our children to learn but there are some programs ours learned from. Bubby likes watching Dora The Explorer and Sid the science Kid What does your kids watch. Tell us all by posting in our guess book below will be nice to here from all of you and your opinions.

All Things Baby - Learn And Grow Is What They Do Best

All things baby can be found here for your baby for teaching your baby to learn and grow.


Learning Teaching Five Year Old Children

Bubby has turned five

Whew when i started writing this lens about our grand kids you see bubby was 2 you know terrible twos! Well now he is five and started kindergarden i am glad to see that someone else takes alot of interest in teaching our grandkids you know it must be a calling with love in their hearts for our teachers to take on the role to teach and guide our grand children and kids, to want them to learn as much as they can. I commend our teachers. You know as grandparents we are thankful for all the help we can get. Bubby is learing to read count spell draw and doing well at it, the wonder of it all as grandparents is to see our child learn and grow for we love them all and wish them to have it all as they grow up thank you to all the teachers of the world you are a wonderful blessing to us old folks when you take on the role of teaching.

Green Mark
Green Mark

To teach and learn

Things your child can learn in school

Today bubby came home with the biggest smile on his face you see in kindergarten the teacher give kids that listen as best they can the rules for her class which I think is good, you know like not talking and not getting out of their seats until after raising their hands for permission . The color green is a good mark for doing things as cording to rules warning is yellow then come gray then blue and so on. Today when bubby got off the bus he comes running to papa to tell him the good news about a yellow mark he received for talking! I asked but why did you receive a yellow mark his answer was papa my brain just would not tell my mouth to quit talking but thus came the yellow mark for a warning to listen to my teacher and her rules. You see he had 4 green marks straight in a row and if he had got 5 he would have gotten a prize. That he looked forward to receiving! Well he said this would not happen again until he wins that prize. I asked was he going to start talking again in class after he gets five in a row, his answer was by then papa don't you thank I would have learned my lesson to keep my mouth shut ? My only answer was I am glad you started to school in head start. He said that's the reason I wanted to go papa to learn and be as smart as my papa. Well I said to him I love you for saying that but it seems that your teacher has taught you right! And he said yes papa my teacher says she can depend on me with another big smile.

We like to hear what you have to say about teaching children to learn.

Got Something To Share With Us - Babys Talk And Learn From Us

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    • profile image

      dellgirl 4 years ago

      Nice lens, I like it a lot. You're so right about it being hard MOST of the time to do what the little ones want. They play HARD all the time! And, this MiMi is worn out after the first ten times of doing the same action over and over and over.

      That's about when I start faking it. Instead of walking round and round the GIANT (seems like) Thomas Table while rolling the toy all the way around, I sit in one corner and roll as far as my arm can reach, then I make little circles like that.

      Wheeeeew, I'm tired just writing about it! Love the lens.