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parenting and children

Updated on January 10, 2008



Congradulations you have a baby, Now what? This is the first thing that goes through any ones head even if they have had a baby before or if it is their first child.

How people become parents is not as important as the parents they become!

No one has all the answers when it comes to being a parent, every baby is different and not all parents know what they are doing at first even if they are having a secon or third baby. I have 2 wonderful children and I love them to death but believe me when I say that they were very different as they get older. My son who is 6 years old now was a fussy baby because he was really gassy and he loved movement all the time. My duaghter who is 10 months old is not that fussy she loves her naps and food. I thought that I would try to give some advice from personal experience and maybe it will help some people who just want to rip thier hair out because they have ran out of ideas or just because they are looking for other oppinions or options that they can apply to their rutine.

Defining a parent is not as easy as it seems. We tend to think of a parent as the birth mother or father of the child, but people also become parents through adoption, foster care, marriage and new realationships. Today's parents don't always live the same way as their parents or grandprents lived 20,30 or 40 years ago. In North America life has changed. Not all parents ae married before having babies. Most of us, what we know of parenting goes back oe or two generations and was learned from our parents and grandparents. We grow up thinking that parenting a child is easy, in some cases it seems as though some people slip easily into their parenting rolls where others have to work hard at becoming a parent.

The best thing to do is forget prefection and aim for your best, what this means is: What do you want for your child?? Where do you want your family to be in 20 years? Ask yourself these questions. The most powerful thing that a parent can do is give their child love and supportive care. Nothing gives a child more confidence and security than knowing that their parents are watching and protecting them. EG: My daughter was afraid to stand on her own two feet by her self all I did is show her that I would be there to catch her if she fell, and yes she did fall a few times but once she got it her eyes light up and she had a huge grin on her face as if to say look I did it, Now she is very mobile.;) Being a parent is more than just raising a child, You need to be there for the child no matter what happens. You need to nurture and guide them while they are babies to the time that they are able to start making their own choices. You will find that as they get older they will make the right choices as long as you have guided them when they were younger.

Our children are counting on us to provide two things: Consistencey and structure. Children need parents that say what they mean and mean what they say, and do what they are going to do. - Barbara Coloroso

Patterens and Developement stages

while each child grows and develops at their own pace, development follows an orderly pattern. That patteren starts at the tops if their heads and moves down their bodies and then out to their hands and feet. Each stage builds on the one before. Infants must be able to control their heads and necks before they are able to sit. They sit before they are able to crawl(in some cases they crawl before they sit) My daughter crawled before she sat because she was always on her tummy. Most babies babble before they can talk. When your baby is babbaling remember that if you want your child to learn to speak you must speak to them like they already know what you are saying because if you just make sounds to them that is what they learn. Speak to your child like you would speak to an older child.

Babies are such a nice way to start people - Don Herold-

Developmental Milestones 6- 12 months

At this stage your child needs to learn the following lessons to accomplish attachment, trust and exploration.

Your child should be able to do alot at this stage. The developmental stages are important because your child learns their boundries.

Children should have a rutine and need to be taught what is right and what is wrong. Most children learn quickly but sometimes a child will have some obsticals and learn things slower than other children.

- Child can crawl and roll, can sit up and support themselves sitting up, your child can pick things up with thier finger and thumb,



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