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Right parenting approach is more than a responsibility to society

Updated on January 20, 2012

There has been a loss- if not complete- of a sense of responsibility of parents in acknowledging that the onus to teach and lead the young lies on shoulders supposedly bulky enough to bear them. This is one of many of the responsibilities of essential parenting.

One of the most fundamental backgrounds to good parenting is family structure: a heavily patriarchal or matriarchal heritage, a compact extended descent or a modern stereotypical family line. The family is the most front-line institution responsible for the upbringing of the child. The young that is born into the family expectedly grows under the direct tutelage of two- the pair whose genes it shares right from conception till parturition- not to mention the other individual members of the family nor external agents nor institutions with whom it will interact as the days after gestation wear on to eventually become years. The reward of a well-rounded individual fit for use is an offshoot of the kind of parenting opened to it during its formative years. The stark glitches or near perfections experienced in marriages before the arrival of the child have everything to do with the high-end results of essential parenting.

The culprit of getting it wrong by so-called parents has been known to be linked to failed or shaky marriages with parents forgetting that the traditional arrangement that calls for the existence and nurture of the child does so under the premise that there is love, peace and co-operation, environment which sets the standards for the building block of good parenting. This model has been increasingly warped by factors such as religions, beliefs and policies, many of which are instituted by differing but connective organisations of the world. The balance of cutting between authoritarian, permissive and non-committal parenting styles is the kernel that is bereft of the matter at hand in many homes. It is the duty of the parent to start of the child with the right kind of skills as a communicative, consistent family is, to a certain degree, sure of achieving so much with the child. Parents therefore owes it to child and society to keep child on the positive tracks until the day of accountability engenders full self-awareness.

The ability of parents to implant the value of communication, sharing different points of view, drawing on their strengths and weaknesses, their vanity and reward, and the habit of welcoming questions from the child is an indispensable skill. More often than not, answering to the question of reason sets up an understanding of events for the child. He or she is less likely to rebellion, giving this approach by the parents. A sincere pander to the educational needs of a child also must be adopted at home. A help with the child in this area by the provision of resources plus the availability of parents to provide leading questions will help to boost confidence of child in parents, which ultimately grows child’s confidence. Understanding that every child is unique as no iron-clad rule applies to every child is a task for them. They must treat the needs of each child as distinct from the others- child's other needs and child's siblings. The parents themselves learn from this methodology, which will come in handy even when the other children are born into the family. Respecting the child’s point of view is a welcome development that should be done in watchful guidance. When it is necessary to cut the child’s reins, parents need not do this without helping the child with the understanding of their both stances. That is the reflection of true parenting responsiblity!

Nevertheless, in all of these there should be practices interlarded with these skills, introduced from their growing years and taught by examples. The practice of helping the child meet his/her physical, emotional and social and spiritual needs must be played out on a daily basis. A re-inforcement of this is a pre-requisite to the child’s success in later life . Exposure of child to external agents can help build their social life. Although, it is duty of parents to help with the selection of peers and social groups with whom it relates from the very beginning. The family also, at the right time, should help nurture, with the sense of evoking an appreciation, the child’s spiritual inclination as it should be taught that there is the spiritual side of things to life- which would be the platform on which the child's sense of morality and conscientiousness is built. The child has to understand the whole gamut of emotions- especially the emotions of pain and happiness and how they work, which redound to the whole host of others. Government agencies and other institutions should make laws and base tenets that do not clash with those of the families. Practices that reflect all these can be embraced by the child when taught in affection, quiet and unison.

Preventing the sour fruits of bad parenting is presaged by the fact that the foundation for it has to be well-laid as families have to stick together fostering love, peace and co-operation. A largely single-parent home by choice or circumstance, a rigid nuclear base, or an over-involving extended family line may well prove to be a rickety foundation, undermining parental responsibility. If all the rights are reinforced, limiting the awful wrongs, then in the rare case of being at cross-purposes with your child over that which is detrimental to him/her, the parents do well to do an appraisal of their marriage to see whether they are not leaders from behind where there should be critical frontal leadership, serving as shinning lights to the child’s obfuscated path.


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