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Awesome Printable Learning Games

Updated on October 28, 2014

Make Learning Fun!

Do you love making learning fun? Me, too! Join me in searching for cool online printable games! Games like free downloadable bingo games, files folder games, puzzles, suduko, and more! ~ Please share your webpages, blogs, and lenses that have cool learning games for kids!

Graphic thanks to Mr. Martin Phillip!

Teach With Games!

Free Printable Games from "Teach with Games".

Find out about new games and updates from their Facebook Page!

General Games

* Sam's Board Game Rules - Information Sequences

* James' Board Game Rules - Information Categories

* Stephanie's Board Game Rules - Information Sets

* Chazz' Board Game Rules - Information Pairs

* Many Rules of Games Documents

* True False Review Drill GameBoard

* 42 Space Generic Game Board

* Multiple Choice Review GameBoard

* Generic Review BoardGame- 30 space

* Color Matching Spinner

Language Arts Games

* Sight Words Match It Card Games

* First Phonics Board Game

* Phonics Board Game - d, f, g, h, and r Beginning Sounds

* Phonics Go Fish - Beginning Sounds

* Short Vowel Boardgame -- Green Oval

* Long Vowel Bingo

* Short and Long Vowel Board Game

* Long and Short Vowel Old Maid Card Game

* Long and Short Vowel Match It Card Game

* Au, Aw, Ow, Ow, Ou Phonics Board Game

* Er, Ir, Ur Phonics Game

* Br, cr, dr, gr, pr Phonics Board Game

* Blends Fr, St, Pl, and Tr Board Game

* Bl, Gl, Cl, Fl Phonics Board Game

* Sc, sk, sm, sn, and sp Phonics Board Game

* Wh, Wh, Ch, Kn, and Sw, MatchIt Card Game

* Spl, spr, scr, str,and squ Phonics Board Game

* YEO Phonics Board Game

* Sight Words Match It Card Games

* Reading- Alphabetizing Sight Word Tie Down

* Prefix Board Games

* Prefix Go Fish Card Game

* Antonyms 'Luke's' Card Game

* Antonym / Synonym Clothespin Activity

* Homonyms Go Fish Card Game

* Homonyms Board Game

* Compound Word Clothespin Activity

* Contractions Old Maid

* Plurals Old Maid Card Game

* Word Comprehension Go Fish Card Game

* Parts of Speech Clothespin Activity

* Grammar Go Fish Card Game

* Grammar Blackout

Mathematics Games

* Number Words Go Fish Game

* Color Matching Card Game

* First Counting Game

* Shapes Shuffleboard Game and Card Game

* Before and After Numbers Go Fish Card Games

* Addition 10 Family Man/ Old Maid Card Game

* Math +or- 1or2 Spinner

* Subtraction Spinner -10

* Subtraction Spinner -2, -5 and -10

* Subtraction Spinner -5 and -10

* Simple Math Board Game

* Get A Clue! Story Problem Board Game

* Telling Time - Family Man Card Game

* Days of the Week Card Game

* Months in the Year Gotcha Card Game

* Roman Numeral- More or Less Card Game

* Roman Numeral Go Fish Card Games

* Roman Numeral Board Games

* Easy Roman Numeral Go Fish Card Game

* Hard Roman Numerals Board Game

* Liquid Measurement More Or Less Card Game

* Money - More or Less Card Game

* Money Dog Card Game- Adding = $.10

* Small Change Board Game -Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters

* Fractions - Sequence Board Game

* "Read A Ruler" Board Game with Fractions

* English - Metric Length Measurement Card Game

* Three Digit Addition Go Fish Card Game

* Multiplication 2's Gotcha Card Game

* 2's Multiplication Board Game

* Division and Multiplication Board Game - 2, 3, 4, and 5

* Division 3, 4, and 5 Math Board Game

* Multiplication "5's" Gotcha Card Game

* Division 5's Gotcha

* 6 and 7 Multiplication Butterfly Clothespin Activity

* Gotcha X7 Card Game

* Plus and Minus 7 Old Maid Card Game

* +-7 Clothespin Activity

* 8's Multiplication Card Game

* 6, 7, 8, and 9 Multiplication Board Game

* Christmas Division 6,7,8, and 9 Board Game

* 9's Multiplication Gotcha Card Game

* Six Ways to Prove Multiplication

* X6 Sequence Cards- Gotcha Card Game

* Place Value Go Fish Card Game

Science Games

* Vertebrates- Match It Card Game

* Planets - Boardgame

* Five Senses Match It Card Game (or Adjectives)

Social Studies Games

* US New England States Road Trip Board Game

* US States Go Fish Card Game

* Geography Terms Tie Down

Make Your Own Printable Games

Personal Educational Press: Create educational games for free ~ Flashcards, Bingo Board, Match Across, Study & Tracing Sheets, Quizzes, and Flash Games.

Activity Village has numerous, printable manipulatives that may be used to create matching, card, and board games. They also have entire games to print out that could be used for educational purposes.

Free Printables has all sorts of decorative board game boards for you to print out. I like to print them out on stock paper and laminate for endurance. Click "games" on the left column for Bingo and Soduko cards and other fun stuff!

Worksheets & Printable Games from Googol Learning has numerous free educational worksheets and games to enhance learning in basic mathematics.

Games 4 Learning

An A+ Educational Game Group for Families!

Games 4 Learning is Yahoo Group for anyone to join free!! Many games for a vast array of ages is stored in the group's files. (You must be a member to access them.) Some of the games are printable ones while others are hands-on type games. Also posted are photos of members games and links to other game sites. Members frequently ask questions, share ideas, and post new games via an optional email list.

Some of the categories of free games found are: Grades 3 - 5 Math Games - Fractions, Place Value, & Decimals, Multiplication Division, Art Games, Bible Games, Game-Making Instructions, Generic Games, Grammar, Spelling & Literature Games, Gross Motor Games, History Social Studies Geography Games, Homemade Craft Materials, Grades K-2 Math Games - Addition Subtraction, K-2 Math Games - Time, Money, Fractions, & Place Value, Music Games, Only Child Games, Outside or Gym Games, Phonics Games, Preschool Games, Science Games, and Traveling Games. ~ My personal favorite is "Globe Probe" Geography Game which was created by 10 moms from around the world. (It is AWESOME!)

Description of the group from the homepage ~ "GAMES4LEARNING with The Game Lady is designed for parents or teachers who wish to use games as part of the education of their children. Games are a fun-filled way to introduce skills, drill material until mastered, review lessons, or test ability. The goal of this list is to share ideas for creating games individualized to the needs, interests, and abilities of each child. Questions, ideas, and resources of materials will be welcome. Homeschooling parents will greatly benefit from the use of games as part of their program. Also parents that choose to have their children enrolled in school will find games an extremely useful tool for drill or reviewing of lessons. Preschool parents will also love games as an enjoyable, non-pressure approach to instructing young children. Teachers are also welcome as games are so useful in the classroom as well."

Thanks for stopping by! - Do you know of any sites that share free printable learning games?

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