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responsibility and desicion making in kids

Updated on February 22, 2011

Kids always tend to be afraid or daredevils about most things. It is essential to ensure that your child is able to behave and do things in a mature manner. Taking responsibility for one’s own actions is a sign of growing up and being able to handle things on your own. It is important to teach every kid to understand and do things in a level headed manner.

Taking responsibility is a process that comes from practice. Give your child a lot of little tasks to do which will teach him or her to practice their skills of owning a task completely. Put your little one in charge of the shoes corner or the books corner. Tell him it’s his duty to ensure everything is back in its place when it comes to an area of the house.

Discuss with your child when designing their room or play area. This will make them feel like they are being treated like adults. Ask your child what colors would be better for the walls, what beds they like, what furniture to finalize on and so on. One thing at a time though, the idea is to bring a sense of responsibility not to over burden.

Another important aspect with regard to the child’s growth is to allow them to understand the importance of prioritizing. Tell your children little stories that emphasize prioritizing events and also discuss how best to organize tasks so that the more important ones get done sooner. Learning to organize and working on tasks systematically is essential to decision making.

Kids love to try out new things, encourage your child to experiment with their hobbies, explore new places together and include them in decisions. Of course, it is not about indulging a child’s every whim and fancy. Rather, work to make the child a part of larger decisions which will automatically create in them a sense of being responsible and capable.

Put your child in charge of handling a phone tree in case of pet emergencies. Molding children into strong, capable adults is largely out of the parent’s active participation in making kids that way. When children are given situations to handle they will prove themselves to be quite efficient and capable.


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