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Get the Weight Off Our Kids Backs: Rolling Bags- Great for Kids of All Ages

Updated on March 14, 2013

Rolling Book bags Are Healthy

There is an alarming rate of children being hurt by the pounds that are slammed into their backpack. The number of children seen in ER rooms due to back injuries due to overloads backpacks is growing every year. This can be stopped - and very easily stopped. All we have to do is change the way our children carry their books home - put them on wheels!

Imagine your child or grandchild carrying an extra 25 pounds of stones on their backs. That is exactly what we are requiring our young ones to do - only with books and computers rather than granite. You would no more have them carry the same weight in concrete as they do in books. there is a reason why 'dead' weight is named 'dead'.

It Does Not Matter the Age of Our Children

It doesn't matter the age of our children - they can be just wee ones off to day care of college age grown-up kids. Make the change to a rolling bookcase or backpack. The difference will improve the health of their backs when they are your age. These can be one of the handiest piece of equipment that your child uses. The trick is getting one that they like - it really does not matter if you like it or not. If they like it, they will use it - otherwise, it will sit in the closet gathering dust like so many other unlike things.

There are cute little girl rolling bags and tough young boys bags. And yes, even the young genius or running back can find just the right one. The easiest way to get kids to help you shop for them is on line. It is a medium that they know and can zoom around probably faster than you or I. So give them a budget and a time frame and sit back and wait on the older kids; with the young one, doing the finding together will be an good time for both of you.

For the Older Set

Matched Set - Ready to rock and Roll
Matched Set - Ready to rock and Roll

Sometimes you can get a child to use the correct equipment if all the pieces are there. If they do not have to go looking to put the puzzle together, they might just go for it!

You as a Mother know that with girls, the 'in' factor is a big deal. So make sure that everyone is on board with whatever you purchase.

The bag must be sturdy as backpacks take more punishment than any other personal equipment gets. It needs to have both the wheels with a pull out handle and shoulder straps so they can carry it as a regular backpack if the load is fairly light or if there are kids around who like to taut other kids. (That old peer pressure again!)

The style needs to be one that will meet with both of your approvals. But this should be fairly easy to do since there are literally thousands of colors and styles.

If you find a set that has all the pieces, grap it up and get your child out of the backpack harness and into rolling along as quickly as possible.

Rolling Office

Even if you are a grownup, a rolling book-bag can be a very handy thing. Some of this type of backpack go so far as to call themselves a rolling office. After all, they carry your laptop, files, books plus pen and paper.

The set can include a notebook (paper type), a sling for your notebook, a brief in which to carry your files plus room for your books and accessories. So you can see where the idea of a mobile office comes from - all the goodies stuffed into one smallish case on wheels.

School Backpacks of All Colors

Lots of backpacks
Lots of backpacks

With all the choices, you and your children can surely come to agreement as to what the rolling bag looks like. The important thing is to get the heavy weight off their backs and onto the wheels.

There are rolling book bags with cartoon characters on them, national sports team logos as well as nearly university's name or logo. Really, if you want to save your children from years of bad back problems, you can find a way.


From school backpacks to leather rolling laptop bags, backpacks have some a long way since the last century.


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