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Selecting Safe Toddler Beds For Your Child

Updated on September 3, 2016

Colorful Toddler Bed

Safe Sleep For Your Child

Safe toddler beds can be found easily but you must do your due diligence when making a selection for your child's activity level. When I was looking for a safe bed for my toddler I found out the it is important to make a decision based on safety features. My children were climbers so an important feature I needed was a safety rail which was securely attached to the frame of the bed. I also need to have an opening at the foot of the bed so the child could easily exit the bed without climbing.

My daughter has a toddler who is a restless sleeper his twists and turn while sleeping so the main feature she needed to find were railings with opening small enough to prevent body parts from being caught. When deciding on a bed you need to decide if you want a twin size or a toddler sized one. The problem with many of the twin sized bed that have railing is they are made for adults, not children. The rails may be large enough to trap the child head or pinch his fingers.

The mattress in another consideration. It should fit tight to the frame of the bed and a matched set is a must. If the manufacturer of the bed frame suggest a certain measurement for the mattress this is for safety reason. You must follow the suggestion to insure safety of your child. Recently my daughter and I found several beds that met all of the safety standard recommended. My grandson now sleeps on a safe bed that prevent falls and keep him safe while he is asleep or awake in bed.

Most parents have trouble making a decision to move children from their crib. The decision should be based on whether the child is ready for the change. Decide if your child is emotionally ready to handle such a big change. One big determining factor to determine this is if your child has started to climb out of the crib. This is a safety issue and the risk of injury needs to be considered in this situation. Size is another factor if the child is getting too big to remain in the crib it is certainly time for the move. If the child is potty training it make sense for them to be able to use the toilet. The basic age for the transition is usually between the ages of 1 1/2 years to 3 1/2 years of age.

Safety First

Toddler Beds

Check these out and learn the facts

See how easy beds convert into the next stage. Many beds are designed to be bunked or trundled depending upon your space or your situation you may choose which ever bed suits your need. You may find that it is easier to simply stack the bed onto each other and a will decide the space each child will occupy.

Some parents may want to use the bed trundled to provide space for each child. The beds will need to be stored each day under each other. Many people find that this is a lot of work and prefer the bed in the bunked position. Bunking the beds make more room in the space. However, once the beds are in the bunk position, it is difficult to make the bed up.

Many people prefer a quilt and a fitted sheet. This make it easier to make the beds look neat. This is better when a duvet is used and the cover can be washed when the bottom sheet is change. This will make the bed clean and comfortable for the child.

Build a Toddler Beds

Toddlers Beds if your looking for a bargain

Choose a bed for you child then bid on it. It's easy and fun to do. If you have two smaller children you may want to start off with toddler bed. These beds are smaller and make most bedrooms spacious compare to a full sized bed.

Children who are getting used to sleeping in a single bed may find the transition easier since the bed is smaller and much like a crib. The mattress is the same size as a crib and this may make the transition easier for both child and parent.

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Transitioning to a Toddler Bed

Safety for Your Child

Does your child's bed meet safety standards for toddlers?

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Looking to Save Space

There are several options when you are looking to save space. You may want to choose a bunk bed. A traditional bunk bed which is stacked one bed on another. You may decide that a custom built bed is best for your room. Either way the bed you choose will save space in your room.

You have several options for custom beds:

  1. Design and build one yourself
  2. Work with a furniture designer
  3. Hire a handy person to build it for you

Space Saving Bed

Safety for Children

Always keep safety in mind when choosing the perfect bed for your toddler. Look for sharp edges the child may cut himself on if touched. Look pointy aspects the child might fall upon and puncture a body part. Beds which are too high for the child may cause broken bones or head injury. Ask yourself does this bed have part that can become loose and possibly cause a choking hazard?

Once you have chosen the right bed, be sure to follow all of the manufacturers instructions while assembling it. Loose screws or bolts can be dangerous, the bed may give way and fall apart while the child is sleeping.

If you have a used bed make sure it meets the new safety standards. The mattress should fit properly and there should be no space between the mattress and the bed frame. If you decide to paint the frame make sure to use non-toxic low VOC paint. Children may have allergies which could be aggravated by the wrong type of paint.

Carefully choose the right bed for your toddler. Safety is an issue to consider when choosing the proper bed for your child.

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