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Look Into My Childhood

Updated on March 25, 2013

Me at Four-Years-Old at Christmas

While I don't remember the exact name of the dolly toy, I sure remember the fun I had with her. Somehow, when a child took the hand of the doll and walked, the doll would begin to walk with the child. It was like having a friend by your side.

And that may look like a stuffed poodle in my arms, but it's not. While kids now get excited about a new mp3 player, the equivalent in 1968 was for a kid to get her own AM radio. That little black poodle had an on/off switch and a dial on the bottom that let me tune in radio stations just like Grandma did in her car. It's too far back for me to remember if it also got FM, but I know I was excited to have such a "technologically advanced" toy to play with. :-)

A Pile of Old Snapshots - Fun Polaroids from Childhood

Pile of Old Polaroid Pictures
Pile of Old Polaroid Pictures

What fun to look back at all the years and memories that are captured in these images. I know my family must have spent a boatload of money on Polaroid film, but I'm so glad they made the investment.

One of these days, I plan to scan each and every old picture I own, and these from my early childhood are some of the ones I want to scan first. In the meantime, I will share some of what I have already scanned, and you can find my upload of this image on my Flickr page where you can enlarge it to see a few more details.

And while we only take pictures of the good times, I'm glad we had enough good times to strengthen us through some of the very bad times we went through. If I ever write my bio lens with the total honesty of a hard-lived childhood, you'll know why focusing on the times captured in these images is so important for me.

Crystal and Grandma on Their Shared Birthday in 1972
Crystal and Grandma on Their Shared Birthday in 1972

Crystal and Grandma

Best Birthdays Ever!

I've heard the story so many times, and yet I love it every time...

My mom and dad were living in the tiny town of Hicksville, Ohio, far away from her mother (my Grandma) in Canoga Park, California. My mom was pregnant with the first grandchild, first cousin, first niece, etc., for our family. I'm sure my maternal grandparents were sad to be so far away.

Well, Grandma (Thelma) was getting ready to turn 40 years old. I would guess my mom was already planning to call her to wish her a "Happy Birthday" because she just said, "Thank you," until she did a double-take and re-heard the words just given to her: "Happy Birthday, Grandma." What could be a better gift than having a new baby granddaughter born right on such an important milestone birthday?

By my first birthday, we were all together again, and I don't think I ever celebrated a birthday alone until after Grandma passed away from breast cancer in 1988. I still look for people born on January 31st to share a celebration on my birthday. It will make it a little less lonely, but there's nothing like growing up with a loving grandmother who shares your most special day each year.

Some Old-Fashioned Stuff I Found at Amazon - Well, stuff that reminds me of older times anyway.

I did a search for vintage items, and I quite like the collection I created.

Art Nouveau Collectible Mermaid Hand Mirror Nymph Decoration
Art Nouveau Collectible Mermaid Hand Mirror Nymph Decoration

I could so see my Grandma having this mirror on her dresser with her decorative perfume bottles, hairbrushes, etc.

Taymor Antique Oval Mirror Trays, Gold
Taymor Antique Oval Mirror Trays, Gold

This looks almost exactly like what I used to see on Grandma's dresser.

Elegance Silver Antique 3 Piece Silver Dresser Set
Elegance Silver Antique 3 Piece Silver Dresser Set

Grandma's set was gold, and I believe it is now on my sister's vintage-looking dresser set.

Vintage Style Refillable Empty Glass Perfume Bottle Golden Brown Bulb with Tassel Spray Atomizer 1.64 Oz
Vintage Style Refillable Empty Glass Perfume Bottle Golden Brown Bulb with Tassel Spray Atomizer 1.64 Oz

To go with Grandma's gold vanity, mirror, brush, and comb, she had a beautiful atomizer perfume bottle almost exactly like this.

Swarovski Crystals Perfume Bottle Flowered Round Antique Vintage Art Deco Purple
Swarovski Crystals Perfume Bottle Flowered Round Antique Vintage Art Deco Purple

Wow, I fell in love with this one as soon as I looked at it. Of course, shouldn't I like anything with the word "Crystal" in it? :-)


Sign here to tell me about some of your childhood memories.

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