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Skip Hop Backpack

Updated on July 18, 2011

Skip Hop Zoo Pack | Little Kid Backpack

If you have a toddler going to prekindergarten or kindergarten then you are probably thinking about the right kind of book bag for your little one. The problem with many book bags is they are made for an older child and tend to be too big and awkward for a small child.

Skip Hop Zoo has come out with the most adorable Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpacks. The Skip Hop Zoo Book bags are so colorful and bright. They will cheer up any little boy or girl. These Skip Hop book-bags come in your choice of the dog, Monkey, Penguin and Mouse, owl or zebra. The size of the Skip Hop backpack is just right for a toddler or pre-school-er. The larger bags, when full, make it difficult for the child to walk without feeling like they will fall over.

These Skip Hop Bags make the perfect gift for any holiday.

Skip Hop Backpack Dog

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Skip Hop Zoo DogSkip Hop Zoo BeeSkip Hop Zoo FrogSkip Hop Zoo MonkeySkip Hop Zoo OwlSkip Hop Zoo Mouse
Skip Hop Zoo Dog
Skip Hop Zoo Dog | Source
Skip Hop Zoo Bee
Skip Hop Zoo Bee | Source
Skip Hop Zoo Frog
Skip Hop Zoo Frog | Source
Skip Hop Zoo Monkey
Skip Hop Zoo Monkey | Source
Skip Hop Zoo Owl
Skip Hop Zoo Owl | Source
Skip Hop Zoo Mouse
Skip Hop Zoo Mouse | Source


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      They are indeed beautiful.