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Why Choose a Sophie the Giraffe Teether?

Updated on November 2, 2013

Why is the Sophie the Giraffe teether so popular? Because she works, and she is all natural! No nasty plastic chemicals in baby's mouth, and lots of squidgy bits for baby to soothe those poorly gums on! Plus she is, of course, super cute!

I first discovered Sophie the Giraffe (or Sophie La Girafe as this French-created product is properly known) when researching things to buy for my first child back in 2009. I wanted as many natural and organic products as possible, and immediately fell in love with Sophie and everything about her. Aside from the fact that she soothes teething gums and doubles as a fun squeaky toy, I was sold on the notion that she is made from 100% natural rubber, painted with non-toxic paint, and stimulates all baby's senses.

My daughter loved chewing on (and playing with) Sophie so much, that as soon as my second child showed signs of teething, I immediately ordered him his very own Sophie, too. It was then that I discovered so many amazing things about Sophie - from exactly how she is made, to her history, and the explosion of products featuring her! In the UK, when I got her for my daughter, the only other items available were a comfort blanket and a bath toy. Now there are books, soft toys, a range of different teethers, play cubes, bath toys and more. Sophie has certainly gained a fan club, and I can understand why!

So here are a few more wonderful things about Sophie - did you know she was created way back in 1961 (on St Sophie's Day), and is still made in the same way? Her natural rubber is made from the sap of the hevea tree, and every Sophie is hand painted with non-toxic food grade paint, which means no two Sophie's are exactly alike.

In addition to acting as a wonderful soothing teether, she is great for all five of baby's senses. In addition to going into baby's mouth (taste), she is gorgeous to look at (sight), she squeaks to excite little ears (sound), she is natural and bumpy and squeezy (touch) and has a lovely organic rubbery scent (smell).

My son is only 2 and a half months, and has only had his Sophie for a few days, but has already worked out how to clutch her towards his mouth so that he can happily chomp on her (he is teething already and after munching his fists for days, he now much prefers Sophie!)

Teething rings are great (and we do have one, more for the rattle factor) but they are chunky and awkward for baby to get into a little mouth (especially for early teethers like my little boy, who hasn't learned to hold things for more than a few seconds yet). Sophie, however, is squishy and malleable and easier to fit into a little mouth, as well as hold with arms and fists (and being long, she can be held low on the chest and still have a leg reach up to the mouth for chewing).

So, if you want a natural, safe, and fabulous teether that will definitely help soothe your baby, then Sophie is the giraffe for the job!

Photo Gallery

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My daughter with her Sophie, aged 6-7 months oldMy son with his Sophie, aged 2 1/2 months
My daughter with her Sophie, aged 6-7 months old
My daughter with her Sophie, aged 6-7 months old
My son with his Sophie, aged 2 1/2 months
My son with his Sophie, aged 2 1/2 months

More Fabulous Sophie Products for your Little Ones...

There is a big range of Sophie toys and products now available. It includes various teething rings and other teethers in addition to the original Sophie, as well as toys, books and gift sets. Sophie makes a fabulous gift and it's great to be able to create a Sophie theme with other lovely things for baby!

Sophie La Girafe - So Pure Teether Giraffe
Sophie La Girafe - So Pure Teether Giraffe

A lovely, easy to grip Sophie teether with a ridged surface for erupting teeth and a bumpy surface for sore gums.

Vulli So'Pure Blocks Toys, Sophie the Giraffe
Vulli So'Pure Blocks Toys, Sophie the Giraffe

Gorgeous building cubes in lovely shades, made of natural rubber just like Sophie, so if baby wants to bash, throw or chew them, it's perfectly safe to do so!


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    • greenspirit profile image

      poppy mercer 4 years ago from London

      I first learnt how important it is to buy safe toys made from non toxic materials when it emerged how poisonous most squeeky dog toys are. Sophie looks really sweet, and it's great that her origins, makeup and manufacture are so traceable.