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Role Reversal- Praise for All Stay at Home Dads-

Updated on March 26, 2012

SAHD- What Many People Probably Don't Know

SAHD- What Many People Don't Know

When my daughter was born nine weeks early unexpectedly ~weighing in at three pounds-nine-ounces, (went down to 3.6), I went around to check out some day care centers. I have experience working in daycares/ childcare/ pre-school centers, and I know that they are marvelous places where children learn amazing life-long skills, but I left these places in tears. I just could not imagine dropping my six week old baby off (weighing 5 pounds- out of the hospital for only two weeks- she was in the NICU for a week and Level II for three weeks, was on prescribed caffeine for sleep apnea, and a heart monitor that had to be connected 24/7 for months).

My child's father and I started brainstorming. We moved over 600 miles away from home for my job, so having a family member watch our child was out of the question- we moved the previous year from Pennsylvania to South Carolina. I was working full-time teaching and my child's father was working full-time at a car dealership. We both HAD to work to survive, so one of us staying at home was out of the question. Or was it????

My child's father decided to find a job where he could work at night so he could watch our daughter during the day. This decision took a lot of sacrifice, and while this decision was a hard one, it was the best option for our family at that time.

While my child's father and I hardly ever see each other, and when we do, we finally have a minute to discuss trifling things, like who does the dishes the most, when the trash is going to be taken out (and by whom), and who is going to cook the meals; we still try to plan as many family adventures as time permits.

My child's father LOVES taking care of our child, and while it has been a roller-coaster ride, he wouldn’t change it for the world. Before we know it, she will be in school, and we can both go back to working during the day. But until that time, those two have fun going to story time, having tea parties, fixing things around the house, going to the Children’s Museum, the local parks, the beach, the aquarium, or just enjoying each others’ company snuggling and reading stories. I know that she is safe and I couldn’t ask for a better father for my child; I do appreciate all he has provided for us- even if I don’t have time to tell him every day!


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