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Top Wooden High Chairs: Svan Signet Adjustable High Chairs for Kids

Updated on August 31, 2015
Svan can create your common family dining  table more appealing with Scandinavian-designed bentwood Svan high chairs
Svan can create your common family dining table more appealing with Scandinavian-designed bentwood Svan high chairs

European Wooden High Chairs by Svan

Latest European Wooden High Chairs by Svan Created Wonder in Baby High Chair Market

If you love incorporating contemporary European wooden furniture into your home, then to meet the demand of the same aesthetic style, bentwood designed Svan Signet high chair will be great for your kid that grows with the child and fits any modern home decor. Unlike traditional wood high chairs, the most notable feature of Scandinavian Child Svan high chair has its own unique style for appealing bentwood design. Many U.S. parenting magazines have published articles on this elegant baby high chair. It may appear expensive, but if you consider its usage, the price is well worth. These Swedish design high chairs are designed for the use of 6 months old to young adults. This wood chair first arrived at North American Market.

Why Do People Like Svan High Chairs?
The eye-catching, sleek and stylish Svan high chair has a unique appeal to the advanced parents. When it comes to baby furniture, they don't want to compromise with the quality of the product. Watch baby high chair reviews on net. The bentwood design gives it outstanding look.

  • The gorgeous wood tones have special effects and match any modern home decor.
  • Svan’s smart, contemporary design makes handling children easier from the newborn stage to inquisitive toddler stage and provides most enjoyable family time.
  • The award-winning high chair is safe & long-lasting and made from sustainable wood with a lead-free finish.
  • Fully adjustable seat depth provides optimum body and leg support as the kid grows.
  • The unit comes with wooden tray and a BPA and phthalate-free removable tray cover which is easy-to-clean.
  • Svan chairs are specially designed for infants, toddlers and young adults.
  • Svan Signet high chairs are available in various colors like Cherry, Espresso, Mahogany, Natural & Whitewash.

Svan Signet Complete Highchair for Infants

With Svan Highchair make infant's mealtime a fun
With Svan Highchair make infant's mealtime a fun

Svan Signet Complete High Chair

Svan Signet Complete High Chairs are specially designed for infants and toddlers.

  • For Infants

The Scandinavian style Svan high chairs are fully adjustable. With maximum adjustability and a five-point safety harness, the Signet Chair allows for supportive, safe and comfortable seating at any age. The award-winning high chair that grows with your child from 6 months to young adult. This safe, beautiful, practical, and long-lasting high chair includes baby kit (guard, crotch bar, tray, plastic tray cover). It has a safety guard and attached wooden tray. It provides a comfortable and ergonomic eating space to your little one. The most impressive fact of Svan chair is it enables the infant to have meals at the table with the family or other children. When mealtime is over, wipe down the wooden tray with a damp cloth or throw the plastic tray cover into the dishwasher. The snap-on, snap-off tray provides baby's own eating and playing space. The wooden tray can be stored on the back of the safety guard when it is not in use. The chair's seat and footrest adjust vertically and horizontally to match your growing child. Fully adjustable seat depth provides optimum torso and leg support

  • For Toddlers

You can convert the infant chair into toddler or youth chair. As your child becomes a toddler, you can take off the safety guard and food tray to make a perfect toddler seat at the table. The seat height and footrest can be adjusted so that your child can climb up easily into the seat using the footrest and use the dining table on his/her own which is helpful for child's independent growth.

For modern parents the incredible style of the chair has high demand. If you decide adding to your dining table for your kids to create more interesting and enjoyable dinner time, don't delay.

Svan Signet Essential High Chair -Natural

Svan Signet Essential High Chair -Natural
Svan Signet Essential High Chair -Natural

Svan Signet Essential High Chair

Svan Signet Essential High Chair is designed to grow with a child from toddler to young adults.It is the same chair as the Signet Complete, only difference - the Essential is aimed for 18 months old toddlers and up because it does not include the infant kit and tray. The chair's seat height and depth is fully adjustable to provide ergonomic seating while its fully adjustable footrest allows for optimum torso and leg support.Even, when the child outgrows, the chair converts into a full-size chair for teens and adults. Signet Essential High Chair is available in Natural, Cherry and Espresso.

Comparative Chart

Look at a glance and compare Svan Signet Complete Highchair & Svan Signet Essential Highchair

Do you want to get an visual idea?

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