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Raising Tomorrow's Husbands

Updated on December 18, 2012

Encourage Boys to Be Creative, Thoughtful and Reliable

I type this, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my two year old this morning on my dual screen computer setup. We watch all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes on YouTube because we don't have cable by choice. I love watching GOOD entertainment with her that she learns from. And Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is really high quality, in my opinion. This morning we caught a Valentine's episode that I'd never seen before. It was so nice to see Mickey remembering Valentine's for Minnie (but only after he was prompted by his good friend Goofy). And Goofy was such a thankful friend, who didn't even care when Mickey pulled out an old shoe for Goofy's Valentine's gift.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Valentine's Episode - A 30 Minute Show Every Dad Shold Watch Once With Their Young Sons

Not As Good of a Message for Raising Tomorrow's Husbands

I'm not sure what the source of this video is. I don't know whether it is Disney, fan inspired, or something else. However, I post it to contrast the message being sent to boys in this video about being reliable and thoughtful, compared to the Mickey Mouse clubhouse episode above.

Solid Relationship Advice Pop Song - Awesome Message for Teens (boys and girls)

This song teaches about commitment and dedication. It also shows Andy Grammar going out of his way to do something truly special for his on screen girl (I happen to know that is not Andy's real wife as he happens to be a friend of a friend of mine - not that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting him... maybe one day).

How do YOU Multitask Raising Boys as a Mom

Gotta love Squid oo. No webpage is ever finished (only a placee where we can learn together. Check back and find more information as it develops. See Sousababy aka Rose for ethical uses of Squidoo.

Know any other great shows or movies Dads should watch with their sons to help raise husbands for the next generation? - This is a living breathing website.

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