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Teen and Drug Addiction

Updated on May 8, 2015

Why Kids Get Involved in Drugs

there are different reasons due to which kids now a days start taking drugs:

  1. TO FIT IN : kids who are lonely and want some company to hang out with, they often go for drugs. They simply buy drugs and become the member of one of the coolest groups in their school.
  2. CAN'T GET OUT: kids at times just try drugs for fun, for a change, out of adventure but then they are not able to leave it as they get so addicted to them. Even if they want to they are not able to.
  3. FEEL RELAXED: when being asked that why do they do drugs many kids say that marijuana makes them feel relaxed and stress free, it is the best medicine. Whenever they don't feel well or good they take marijuana and it makes them feel god and better.
  4. TO GET ATTENTION: All the teenager wants to be popular in their school. and they often choose drugs to become popular and get attention a real gangster.
  5. IT'S NORMAL: Some kids think taking drugs is normal. for them it's absolutely normal and okay to intake marijuana on the daily basis.


In the end regret is what all kids get. In the beginning they didn't realize that they were calling their own death and then they end up regretting.

They are sent to rehabilitation centres.

What for them as fun, cool, adventurous in the starting now left them with nothing but regret.


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