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The Old Swift Church

Updated on February 16, 2016

Remembering All Those Who Attended

This old church has been torn down now but have not been forgotten. Many people lived in and around swift the community where this church got its start. At one time there was about 40 familys in the community of swift. There was a train depot a large trading post built right by the tracks. Where everyone would pick up supplies for their months groceries and feed for the stock. People would come for miles around to shop. And sell their goods and their crop harvest trade their mules and horses buy their seeds and any new tools the needed to make new crops. They would buy cotton seeds and soybean seeds which was the major crops grown in this area. They at one time were established farmers and sharecroppers just trying to make a living, That is where in 1939 they all got together and built the old swift church. It stood untill the late 1970s untill it was torn down. There is nothen here now but memories of the town we called swith and the people that called swift home and atended church here.

My Mom & Sisters
My Mom & Sisters

Lived Not For From The Old Swift Church

I use to walk from wardell to swift about 6 miles down the road north about 2 miles and then west about 4 miles to wardell. And you know when young it did not seem like it was much of a walk but now I still live in wardell and getting older its seems a long way now. I still remember a lot of people who once lived there some are still living and well most are gone to be with god who art in heaven.

God Loves Us All - Yes You Too

I would like to recommend a few prouducts to keep gods love flowing.


Churches Today

Things to remember

My belief is that god holds the power to give us the love for one to love and cherish all our suroundings wearther it be church family or freinds our neighbers and life itself. Old churches have been torn down all across our nation it would be great to step back in time to meet with the people and visit those old churches to see them as they once were. Times has changed some for the good and some not so good. The good old days are gone but i look for the new as promised in our bible.

Get your hands on a few bibles and pass gods love around and god will surely bless you amen.

Do You Love God - If You Do And I Sure Hope So

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