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5 Products To Help Soothe Teething Pain

Updated on June 14, 2014

My Achy Breaky Gums!

Has your precious baby suddenly become fussy, pulling at their face, gnawing on their hands, and drooling everywhere? If so, then there's a good possibility that they have begun to teethe.

Your baby's 1st tooth! This is such a wonderful, happy & momentous time, but at the same rate, it can be a hard thing to get through for you and your baby. Some babies go through the teething stage without any problems, but others can get irritable, fussy, have fevers, and sleepless nights (sound familiar?).

I was so excited when my daughter first started teething when she was 10 months old. I was taking pictures to put in her baby book and calling everyone about it. Her two bottom teeth came in at the same time, so I thought it was going to get real rough for her, but I was pleasantly surprised. She went through it like a champ! She never acted like it was bothering her, she never had a fever, and she slept all through the night (whew!).

Until... her next two teeth came in. This time was completely different. She started fussing throughout the day, she acquired a slight fever, and she had trouble napping and going to sleep at night. That's when I started researching and found some things that helped her out tremendously.

5 Products To Help Soothe Teething Pain


  • Baby washclothes
  • Teething ring
  • Tylenol's "Little Fevers"
  • Hyland's teething tablets
  • Hyland's teething gel



Yes, that's right. Just a simple baby washcloth will do the trick for the milder cases. All you need to do is dampen the cloth with water and stick it into the freezer for 1-2 minutes. Your child can carry the washcloth around with them and chew on it while they play. Your child will love the cold, soft texture of the washcloth against their gums.

You can also soak the washcloth in herbal chamomile tea for 1 minute then place it in the freezer. This is a home remedy that my grandmother used to do for her children and us grandchildren. The chamomile helps with the pain and inflammation associated with teething.


Using a teething ring is a great way to help ease the pain from teething for your little one. It's very simple to use, just pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes or in the fridge for about an hour and it's ready to go. The coldness of the ring delivers soothing relief for your baby.

Teething rings come in fun shapes, colors, and textures that your precious little one will enjoy playing with as well as chewing on. One of my daughter's teethers is shaped like a cute little pink purse. The "strap" has 2 hard rubber rings on it that she is able to chew on as well as the frozen purse part. The "strap" on the purse also allows my daughter to be able to hold onto the teether without having to touch the cold area.


I love this product because it is amazing if your child is experiencing a fever while teething. I give this to my daughter every time she acquires a fever. A syringe is included in the box which makes measuring and administering the medicine extremely easy.

I also place a few drops on my daughter's gums and massage the medicine in, which eases her teething pain on contact. I know this because I used Little Fevers when I had a toothache and it worked wonders! It gives a slight numbing sensation and, in turn, my daughter is able to fall asleep quickly.


If your infant or toddler doesn't have a fever and you're looking for a homeopathic solution to your their teething woes, then I highly recommend this product. It is a 100% all natural, gentle, and safe way to soothe your baby's aching gums.

The tablets are small and dissolve rapidly, which is perfect for infants and toddlers . When my daughter starts to get fussy, I just pop 2 or 3 on my her tongue and they go to work within minutes! She is able to go on with her day playing and is able to fall asleep without any problems.


Same great, all natural ingredients as the tablets, only in gel form. Just put a dab on your fingertip and massage on your baby's gums. The gel gives instant relief from teething pain and makes it possible for your baby to get some rest.

Little Remedies and Pediacare Little Remedies 2-ounce Natural Mixed Berry Fever/ Pain Reliever
Little Remedies and Pediacare Little Remedies 2-ounce Natural Mixed Berry Fever/ Pain Reliever

Gives instant relief from teething pain when massaged onto gums. It also attacks fever within 15 minutes or less!

Bigelow Cozy Chamomile Herbal Tea Bags 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) Caffeine-Free Individual Herbal Tisane Bags, for Hot Tea or Iced Tea, Drink Plain or Sweetened with Honey or Sugar
Bigelow Cozy Chamomile Herbal Tea Bags 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) Caffeine-Free Individual Herbal Tisane Bags, for Hot Tea or Iced Tea, Drink Plain or Sweetened with Honey or Sugar

Great to soak baby washcloths in to sooth teething pain for your infant or toddler. I also drink this chamomile tea myself after a long day to relax.

All natural, gluten free, caffeine free and 25mg of Potassium!


Common Age For Teething

Every child is different, therefore, every child goes through teething at different ages

Teething is just one of the many milestones that your baby goes through in their life. Some babies start sprouting teeth as young as 3 months old, but the most common age for teething is 4 to 7 months old. Some babies won't get their 1st tooth until after they are 1 year old or older, so don't panic if your little one doesn't have any little white caps peeking out of their gums quite yet. When teething does happen, just hang in there and both you and your baby will get through it!

Babycenter, L.C.C. (2014, March 2). Retrieved April 6, 2014, from

How did your baby's teething go?

Did your infant/toddler breeze through teething or struggle with the process?

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My daughter Sofy chewing on her finger when she 1st started teethingby someecards
My daughter Sofy chewing on her finger when she 1st started teething
My daughter Sofy chewing on her finger when she 1st started teething
by someecards
by someecards

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